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As you are all no doubt aware, operations in the Gulf, in particular Iraq, are attracting media attention and speculation. Please remember to take extra caution when posting on this forum that you do not post information that is not otherwise in the public domain, or which is classified or sensitive. The moderator of this forum will immediately remove or edit posts deemed to contain, or hint at, information which is classified or is in any way sensitive to current operations. The decision of the modertor is final, and while the current political/operational circumstances remain atcurrent level, the moderator(s) will be taking extra steps to ensure that operational security (OpSec) is not compromised.
Over the last few months the activities of a very small minority have caused some discussion at ARRSE HQ. Below are some general points which apply accross the whole site:


I can't stress this one enough. In light of the recent Defence Review and the negative publicity that it has received we are aware that the upper echelons of the Army are taking an active interest in this site. If you want to post anything controversial, so long as it doesn't contraveine OPSEC or PERSEC, I'm not going to stop you, but on your own head be it! If you end up giving away too much information that identifies who you are and you are subsequently end up having an uncomfortable discussion without coffee being served with a man with lots of rank and a displeased looking expression, don't blame us!

Also, as we've said before, we can't legislate for who comes onto this site and there are the usual smattering of nutters, stalkers, and idiots (and we know who they are in spite of the constant name changes). If you don't know smoeone in real life and you wouldn't give your details out to people in the real world without getting to know them then use the same rules of discretion here. If you end up being stalked by a mentalist you gave your details to on here don't come bleating to me because you find your bunny in the cooking pot!
I don't like censorship as it stifles discussion, but there are a few ground rules that each post will be judged by:

1. Nothing classified. I shouldn't have to clarify that.

2. No names, but sensibly, if the story you are reporting revolves around someone like the CDS it's ok to use the same terms of ref as the media. If we feel uncomfortable though, we will edit out any names and references in a post.

3. No flaming, slagging off, or insulting. Argue the point don't insult the other person, otherwise assume it's "gloves off". If you want a slanging match take it to the NAAFI.

4. If you see something you think is out of order send me, Forces Sweetheart, or the COs a Private Message and we will take a view on it, however that's not to say we will necessarily agree with you.

5. Remeber that we can't control who comes into this site. Eventually newspapers will pick up on it and derive quotes from what you write. Wind-up merchants will try and get a rise out of people, and some people may not be what they first appear. Use caution in responding to threads and think before committing it to the Global internet!

6. Ultimately if it becomes apparent that you are just here to try to wind people up or you are adding nothing of value by dragging every thread you post in off-topic I'll just end up deleting everything you write so that I don't end up having to referee a bun-fight every time I log on. You have been warned!

7. This is a "PG-13" forum, in other words: no porographic pictures or indecent images are to be posted in amongst the threads, or links to pornographic sites. Equally I will not tolerate links to websites that promote racism, extremism of any form, or anything deemed to be offensive. Braching this rule is likely to lead to a warning followed by account suspension if there are any repeat offences.

Unlike the newspapers we don't have libel lawyers, and we are as open to the laws of libel and slander as anyone else. The MoD and the Army also take an active interest in this site, some of the hierarchy like it, some don't. The moderators will take any necessary action to ensure that nothing appears on this site which may compromise either its independance or existence, and our say is final.
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