Reaction to coming under effective enemy fire?

I'm a bit out of date here

But what I was taught, and have now recently seen, Section Battle procedure must now start something like this:

  • Dash
  • Down
  • Crawl
  • Observe
  • Conduct risk assessment
  • Request media ops support
  • Seek financial approval
  • Inform lawyer and social worker
  • Assess training requirements and estimate gap analysis
  • consider update to your PDR
  • Draft initial press statement

Perhaps those more in tune with current thinking can add to this list??
  • Fire back at the Americans
  • Watch their rapid withdrawal
  • Leg it before they call in the A10s
Speak to an employment lawyer, before shouting a fire control order too loud at the chaps
1. On engaging the other team, refrain from encouraging your comrades with 4 letter words

Did that once,trying to get my section to fire the OC and the radio bods in, and my new very young Platoon Commander, said "Is there any real need for that?"

"I don't know Sir, maybe you can ask the OC, he's the one swearing very creatively about the lack of Fire support just over there, errrrr I think he want's a word with you"   ;D

2. Once in contact, refrain from asking the signaller really bone questions, because he has his hands full, sending and receiving, and hasn't time to look for whatever it was you lost...........Sir"
Dash down crawl get on with it

Dash down initiate a class action claim

Dash down crawl etc. culminating in a stunning E&E. Bask in modestly accepted glory.  Assume a supercilious attitude to everyone else.  Write a book about it.

Avoid most of the problems by not joining any war with Americans in it.

Understand your enemies and your friends:

Mohammed Saeed Al-Sahaf approach.   Deny it's happening, and claim to have killed or captured everyone for miles around anyway.

American approach.   Assume everything and everyone is hostile - the whole world hates the USA anyway  :'(

French approach.   Surrender.   Claim to have been resisting once liberated.

Italian approach.   Change sides immediately, then go home and buy a bigger hat with even more feathers.

Chinese approach.   Use lots more citizen troops.

Russian approach.   Send in the sprogs if you've served more than a year yourself.
Dash Down Crawl, get that blimmin theme music in your head .  :-/

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