Reach Point by Mike Lunnon-Wood

anyone else read it? not a bad book at all, would like to read Kings Shilling but its out of print at the moment and is going for £45.00 a copy on amazon 2nd hand! any other MLW books worth a look?
BR Lawyer,

Do you mean Long Reach, about the invasion of Belize? If so, it's a cracking read, you're right. I secured a copy of King's Shilling by ordering it from my local library & telling them I lost it & forking out the £6.99 their records said it cost. I did get a funny look from the librarian as I told her it was lost, apparently collectors do this a lot.

King's Shilling is a good one, tho' based on the RN crew of a frigate in Liberia or some such place. I also recommend Heraklion Blue. This is about a troop from 40 Cdo put ashore to rescue Westerners from 2,000 rogue UNITA troops. There's also a destroyer captain who sails his Type 42 as far up the Congo as he can, in order to offer NGS & extend his Lynx's range.

There are a couple of others, Dark Star, Let not the Deep (about the RNLI), Black Rose (not sure of the title, something Rose) & something about an ex RAF pilot in the Caribbean that has "angel" in the title.

They're all hard to find in the UK. Heraklion Blue is published by Severn House. I called them & they said they only do small print runs for libraries etc. They were unaware of any paperback rights.

Amazon do a search service, as do Abe's books & E-bay also have a wanted item search facility.

Hope this helps.


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foxs_marine said:
BR Lawyer,

Black Rose (not sure of the title, something Rose)
Do you mean Dark Rose - about the Arabs (or whoever) invading Ireland by stealth? If so, brilliant read, well worth it!
The one abou tthe Palestinians taking over Ireland is one of the most riduculous books have ever had the misfortune of reading. I don't mind suspending my disbeleif from time to time but that really took the biscuit. I did finish it then cursed myself for wasting so much time.

A united ireland independence army fighting under some made up queen of all-Ireland. NO!

First time I tried to use the quote facility, went a bit wrong. I meant to quote & say yes that's the one - Dark Rose, about an invasion of Ireland. Lunnon-Wood has a tendency to try & get everybody in; eg Long Reach features C&D Coys, 2 PARA (with Gurkhas), SAS, Comaccio Group RM (Spelling?), regular RA, 148 Bty, 2 REP, AAC & FAA. This seems a bit contrived, but top marks for attempting to portray UK forces in at least semi realistic scenarios.

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