Reach for the Ski

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by furq, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. Reach for the ski

    Nice to see taxpayers money being well spent. Nice to see the currant bun on the case as well.
  2. Its just a case of sour grapes by some nutstrangler. They've got to fly the things somewhere, so what does it matter if they fly around Northumbria for a couple of hours, or pop down to Italy for a bit off winter sports.
    Fast jet pilots are meant to be a bit flash, I for one, am glad we still have characters with a bit of style about them.
  3. So what! They flew somewhere. That's what planes and pilots do.

    And as far as:

    Does it matter.

    "frolicked" - so they had a snowball fight, I doubt they flew with all of their skiing kit for the weekend.

    "lavish dinners" - coming from the SCUM that could be anything that's not deep fried and served up by some overweight pleb!
  4. At least its local-ish and involves some training.

    The one i remember is from 2000-2001 when RAF officers flew for a week to canada for a day long conference about low flying. This was coincident to the calgary stampede and there was also an official dinner night so they had to take their wives as well (flights at no cost)!
  5. I hate The Sun so much. Where's that clown who argued against a boycott-the-sun campaign?

  6. I think this shows some real ingenuity by the rocket-jockeys.

    They saw a chance to make the best of a training operation and did so. Kudos! :D
  7. Bloody hell, this is a rarity, we seem to be four square behind the Crabs. :wink:
  8. So long as the cost is approximately equal to training runs in domestic airspace, I really don't care!
  9. It's payday - so we're obviously in a good mood. :lol:
    Or the scum is stirring something that is really not newsworthy at all. :evil:
  10. Knowing the SCUM the article's sincerity will be on the reporting of an "eyewitness". FFS
  11. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    I can't see the need to train for operations in an aircraft that will be history by the end of the year.stinks of jolly's which are very nice but as they dont have any real jobs to be getting on with maybe they could volunteer to do some of the bone grounds jobs in the sand pit for the Army!
    That or retrain as AT pilots and earn their Flying pay!
  12. Bollox, I dislike the winged master race but the bottom line is they:

    a. Have to fly
    b. Have to be familiar with european airspace and NATO bases.
    c. They are not cheap to train and it is pointless giving them ground jobs you can employ other smore cheaply to do that.

    Finally, I hope that they find the whinging ground crew fcuker who reported this to the scum and send him to colly for talking to press with refering to the appropriate publications.....on that note he is was good enough to be a pilot he should have become a pilot...RANT OVER
  13. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    6 Months off to do some of those watchkeeper jobs might connect some of them with the fact that they are part of the armed forces is all.
    Jag end of service date may be brought forward soon.
  14. But the point is that this training op was to prepare them for rapid international deployment, hence it couldn't really be carried out in domestic airspace. :wink:

  15. Flyingrockdj

    Flyingrockdj War Hero Moderator

    They have ceased to train new pilots on the jet what was the point! They were only in Cyprus at the end of last year.

    Can't remember the AAC "practising" deploying rapidly but doing it anyway.