REA BD Branch

Royal Engineers Association.

Bomb Disposal Branch.

Sixty years old this year.
Are you a member, if you are or are not read on its or could be your Branch so what do you want to get from it.

Latest statistics 260 members Nationally sounds good but lets compare it with some web sites 33 msn 250 members, 58 msn 78, Friends Reunited 170, Face book 33 and 49 section 360 and this does not include those on the Hard EOD Café site or other reunite sites.

So why is membership of the REA BD Branch low? Possibilities are National Branch not local to you. Not aware of it or how to join, to dated seen as for those in their older years. No gatherings as other Associations have on a large scale, to formal. That’s my thoughts, what’s yours.

Within the last 12 months there has been a change in the committee members and a commitment to improve what we have and move on with the future. To do this we need ideas from you, regardless of you being a member or not. Even more so for those not members, how do we get you to join. I am sure it’s not the £5 a year fee that keeps you away.

Early changes the next edition of the Branch Newsletter will have a new title be in colour and be sent electronically for those who want to get away from snail mail, lets get to know what ex members of the regiment are doing in the civilian EOD field. A revamp of the branch website and for those bits that cannot be accommodated on it like interactive message board we will use the 33 msn site. Gather a data base of e-addresses so you can be informed as and when news/events come up.

Future could we have large gatherings say every two years alternating in the North and South as well as the annual dinner at Carver Barracks? Anything’s possible.

So here’s my challenge everybody get back to me with your thoughts, even if it to tell me to clear of, not interested. Let’s turn this into a great Branch which we can all be proud of as we were when we served within the units ranks.

Pete Markham. Branch and 33 msn webmaster.

How do I join the Branch?

Easy and not expensive, just follow the steps below.

1. You can either fill in form below on line and print of or print of and fill in.
2. Add two passport size photos and send all to:
Gary Woodman-Simmons.
2 Sutton Close,
Sutton Lane South,
3. This will be sent to HQ REA and once accepted, you will be contacted for subscriptions.
4. Cost are £5 for life members (those who joined by the giving a days pay scheme whist serving) or £6 for annual members.

Royal Engineers Association
Brompton Barracks

Application Form and Issuing Branch…Bomb Disposal Membership Record

Army Number And / Or personal No. P
Surname Date of Birth
Address Decorations
Date of enlistment
Rank if still serving *
Town Date of discharge
County Rank on discharge
Post Code Regular service
Tel No. TA/National Service *
Tour Dates
BD/EOD Units served
1st Tour
from - to TROOP/SQN
2nd Tour
from - to TROOP/SQN
3rd Tour
from - to TROOP/SQN
I wish to become a LIFE/ANNUAL member * Complete as applicable

I wish to be attached to …Bomb Disposal Branch. [List of branches on web page]

Signed ………………..…………………………………… Date………………………….

Please send this application form to HQ REA address above. Do not send any money yet.


1.The applicant is accepted / not accepted for membership.

2.The subscription shown below is now due:

Life / conversion subscription of £……..

Annual subscription of £…….

ID Card Issued …………………………


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