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hey i signed my life away like a fool for the second time in my life last sepember, told as i was going back to the infantry i was entitled to a sum of cash up to £6000! however trying to claim this money has been harder than collecting rocking horse sh#t ive been through so many different chains of command but have hit a brick wall of lazy admin staff, who have been brain washed to say 'come back next week were having a JPA brief again'

Q Has anyone claimed this money ?
Q how much did you get
Q How the #### did you squeeze it out of your unit

thanks in advance

ps feel free to rip me for posting this in the wrong forum
I have investigated this on behalf of a soldier who was also expecting an enlistment bounty; the result came back from MCM Div:

'A soldier will only recieved an enlistment bounty if he was invited back into the army by MCM Div at the same time the soldier would be informed (depending on cap badge) if he is to recieve an enlistment bounty. Payment into the soldiers bank would be done automatically by Glasgow and not via the units admin office'.

If you hold paperwork stating that you are entitled to an enlistment bounty, take it into your admin office, and they should chase it for you.
thanks for your reply, i was not officialy invited back but i was told at all stages that i would recive one and it states on my unit website that not being invited back is not a bar to claiming the money, my admin office said it was up to the careers office who said it was up to my unit and now jpa has got in the way of it, what happend to the bloke you was looking into ? thanks
He got nothing. He was told too that it was down to the careers office to sort it. I know a lot of individuals who have reinlisted have been misinformed of the procedures (usually by the Careers Office) and promised that they would received a bounty, however this is not always the case.
I too re-enlisted in 2000 and was told I’d get a bonus, but never got anything. Also I was told that I was not entitled to any REN leave. I have recently found out that I am allowed REN leave, but too late to take it now.
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