Discussion in 'Sappers' started by welshlad91, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. i am joining the RE hopefully and i got selection on the 14th at lichfield :D i was just wondering if i pass selection then when will i start basic? or could it be any time. any help appreciated :)
  2. My recruiter told me I was looking at Dec/Jan start dates, but someone owed him a favour and got me for the 4th August.

  3. oh nice good luck mate! :D when did u pass ADSC?
  4. It all depends on the course loads at your trade training location. Courses such as carpentry and electrician tend to be more heavily loaded so youll have to wait to start your basic
  5. Passed ADSC last month (19/20 June)

    Did my Oath today. So everything is done now! Just gotta turn up for basic!
  6. what about fitters?
  7. I'm not entirely sure how it works but if you're lucky you will get back to back courses ie. CMS(R) (basic) -> B3 (combat engineering) -> Ftr 0-2 (fitter gen course) -> C+E (driving)

    Or you could get screwed around and the total training time taking 20-22 months. I had to wait 6 weeks after selection before starting basic and have only spent 2 weeks in a holding troop so far (TV tp, after B3)
  8. 18 weeks in that feckin' troop!! :x
  9. oh right ye i think i remember when i did the RE insight course at RSME minley. there were 2 guys helping out the staff that was with us that were waiting to start their trade training.
  10. What do you do in tv troop??
  11. That's a secret until you get there. It's worth the wait though :wink:
  12. right people this is the sappers thread not the joining up. and ffs quit with the shite questions...
  13. It wouldn't be such a blatant plug if your username wasn't the same as the Author, on another note, what year did you go through Cove (you know it's a housing estate now?)
  14. Think about it, there's a TV, there's a troop, work the rest out! :D