Re: Women in 4/73 & 148 Bty

Mr Happy

I wouldn't worry about it!  

Selection for 4/73 is, if I recall correctly is really "the second hardest qual. in the army" ("Sniper - a breeze compared I am told").  

Girlies, and I love them all, won't pass with the present standards.  If they do - then I would expect that anyone else on the course/in the unit would respect them for doing so and treat them accordingly.
Mr Happy be careful what you say. Someone is always listen they might suddenly think it is a good way for them to gain some political limelight and force the issue and adjust the standards to let someone less capable pass. We have all seen it before. No names no pack drill.  
Ref my last:-

I have not got a problem who passes the courses as long as

                        a.    Application is available to all with no preferential treatment.
                        b.   The standards are not adjusted.
                        c.    No special treatment is given if they try and reshow after failure
                        d.   They pass all the required sections of the course.
                        f.    There is no gender norming
                        g.   There is no newspaper cameraman at the end.

Not a lot to expect
There is 1 chick with a green beret already and that was down to as you say, the press and the need for some PC.
So what happens now is that all Regt's that used to pride them selves on doing somthing special, will get chicks in them just so that they can be the first 1.

It may be a sad reality unfortunately PR is now starting to drive the Army rather than combat effectiveness

Mr Happy

When I originally posted my reply there was a blasted message to reply to!  I didn't start this post.... I just found it - honest
Come lets cut to the chase every unit that now has women is FU**** we all mind our P's & Q's and they get promoted every time they get shagged
I am risking giving your response a veneer of intelligence it does not deserve, by replying to it. However, has it occurred to any of you brainless mysonginists that your manning problem would be a damn sight worse if only men were allowed in uniform? Not enough 'men' want to serve and not enough of those who want to are good enough.
      Not moaning about women in the Army (well not on this thread) but moaning about keeping things fair let them pass the course properly then lets see how it affects combat effectiveness.

With the Army already being about 10% under recruited already the 6% or something that is made up by women would obviously effect add to this problem.

What we need is a good recession. Get loads of bums on seats that way.
Well good point GS all us blokes want is equal opertunities not this gender fair/ gender free balony
i want to do the same as the females ie run time, pressups, sit ups etc
I believe that was point I was making
keeping things fair let them pass the course properly
Don’t change the standards for them (which actually means dropping the standards) because it then means even crap blokes will be passing the courses. Now I don’t want second rate soldiers backing me up when I’m on a two way firing range.
Its all down to birth rates I'm afraid. Too many mincers in civvy street giving birth to females - probably due to drugs / diet or the sixties man!

My boy is growing up in a mixed school - but the girls outnumber him 2 or 3 to 1. Lucky little bleeder, if (god forbid) he turns out to be a shirt lifter I'll kick him to death for missing the opportunities... remember the bike sheds?
:evil: women in the Army in front line jobs at the mo' are a necessary evil, one with a green beret has expressed her wish to join the gunners and seeing as she has the advanced cutlery course badge she can only be after another two in our beloved royal regiment, with her back ground already it will only be a matter of time before some spineless HQ scrot belittles the hard work time effort and committment that countless blokes have given to what are three hard selection courses, all based on different tactical docterine by lowering the standards in order to let femmes prove a point.

the point is this, at some point in the near future, a split arrse is going to be stood next to a Para in a herc, commando on a beach, or in a hole with 4/73 op, and her reason will not be the same as the blokes.

in my opinion if women in the army want to do these jobs then the military (tri service) cuts out the gender free tests and that the women are treated just the same as the blokes no special treatment no extra go/retries as has happened with the CDO Cse( no disreprect to marines or 29 intended). the RAF already have a female PJI and loadies, and rumour has it that femme green beret wishes to go Para, if this happens i'll hand in my wings and beret.
...hmm...well as a very very amateur politician i'm going to come up with an idea which seems to make perfect sense to me but may well actually be poppycock and unfeasable.

...One) Don't put girls in combat units, they have i hear a tendency to get laid and if your units are screwing each-other it will likely be detrimental to discipline. It will impair a chap's judgement if he has to put his "hunny-bunny's" life on the line for the sake of the team.

...Two) Surely this same rule applies to homosexuals...i have nothing against gays or girls...but the same rule needs to apply to both.

...Three) Why do you need all this tomfoolery with fitness tests? Dammit just have the same standards for men and women and i DON'T mean lowering the chap's one. All this fake equality is doing my head-in. So what women 'generally' have less upper-body-strength or are 'generally' slower. In combat units, in fact in ALL units in the army the enemy are NOT going to let a girl who is slow running away keep going just because she's a girl.
Both sexes need to hit the same high standard, if the girls are given lesser test it just means they are more likely to wind up dead or injured. i right? partly right? or is politics not my thing?

input appreciated...

naafinag said:
: ...rumour has it that femme green beret wishes to go Para, if this happens i'll hand in my wings and beret.
ok...just a min, how is the girl joining the para? She's a girl!

...please explain, you lost me for a moment.
I seem to recall a lot of bootnecks were more than a little pissed off when said Cpt passed the AACC, comments about how many chances she was given, times and standards being dropped etc. How much is true I don't know.

As for women getting into other units with similar selection methods, personally I think its just a matter of time before we have our first female Paratrooper. Whether she passes the 'same' P-Coy as everyone else remains to be seen.

That said its easy to forget the many female operatives in other units that have gone through some serious shit so they can get in, if they can cope with the same training as their male counterparts fair play as far as I'm concerned.
#18'd better be the same P-Coy...

...if it isn't then the Paras will raise hell about it and the poor girl (if the term 'girl' applies to a green-beret with tits) probably won't be able to take the pressure to leave. I should imagine life would be unlivable.

harsh really, but surely that's why we need actual equality?

You're right.

Crossed a bit of a line there but the term 'girl' has connotations not really suiting a para.
Girl is often applied to younger, perhaps more innocent and naive types..i feel that theses don't need a different word.

Female...there we go, that connotations.

A 'Female' para...that seems a bit more sensible.

I'm sure she's a damn good officer ok? It's really not my concern because i'm not looking to join the Infantry.

Apology sortof accepted? I can beg too if you like...
Sort of OK with that - but less of the running away - withdrawing tactically will do....

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