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If you need a good contact try:- there is a mim order value of £250.00 + Vat but they deliver quickly. Should I be giving away this info??? Yes the market place needs more honest surplus stores and equipment suppliers.

If you need any other contacts let me know? ;D
"Slope" boots were cracking bits of kit.

Bought them from the Para PRI down the 'shot in '93

I've not seen them sold since, anyone know where I can get a pair?
Reckon you should look into supplying Lowa boots cheaper than in the UK.  Having looked around the various recent inf firing camps in Ge there seemed to be more of them than issue boots.  In the uk they retail at an exhorbitant £150-160, yet in our PRI sourced from Ge they are just over £100. Now this is because they are tax free, but I'm sure if sourced from their they would still be cheaper than those from the UK (they are made in Ge after all).

Oh and Ortlieb dry bags.  They keep sand out as well as water. Should come in handy in the next few months.
Other stuff which troops appear to buy:

Softie jackets
Buffalo shirts
Bridgedale coolmax socks
Camel backs (still not issued)
Softie bags
Leathermen (although do not believe you'll be able to undercut PXs)
Maglites (see Leathermen)
Garmin 12XL GPS (although would appear we've just bought a shit-load)
Traser stuff (glow-rings seem to be popular, so too are Krill Lamps)
US camp cots (but not UK issue)
Nirexes (with screws in spine so's they can be expanded)
Lumicolours (black ones to lose on the plain)

Odds and sods of pouches / webbing - utility, w/bottle, FFD!
Stuff sacks - very handy for seperating kit in your dry bag.
Decent first aid kits.
model kits.
waterproof paper for TAMS.
Decent Map cases.
Bivvi bags - you can pick these up on ebay for £20.00!! yet it costs about £40 the replace them from the G10 store?
Beta lights

This guy sells leathermans on ebay - Just bought one of him for £42.00! He imports from the states. You can even buy direct without bidding, which is what I did.....

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