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oops officer
Don´t forget a vehicle, We all need a getaway vehicle
If you do it let me know, I´ll drive and we can share the profits 50/50
I get paid waaaaaaaay to much!  I've been getting paid as a higher rate full screw essentially since I left depot!  ;D


We all get paid but is that really why your in?

1 Is it becouse you could not get a job anyware else?
2 Becouse you were pissed and fell in the recruting office?
3 Becouse you thought it was a good place to get laid?
4 Becouse you wanted to travel to war zones?
5 Becouse you had to leave the country?
6 Becouse you dident want to sweep up?
7 All of the above?
Well I joined to become a secret spy ninja. But now I just make passes. But hey.. they pay me enough to get a Gold card for it, so I'm not all that bothered!  ;D


War Hero
does anyone get paid enough?
working in the "real" world i wouls say i don't get paid enough espically when i see what the army pay for the same job
staff nurse
NHS d grade £15k APPROX
ARMY  £19k+ registered nurse= corporal
my employer £16.5k
IF in army at TA Rank £30k

who is paying a nurse enough?
before you answer ask your self if you could change,wash & clean  a doubly incontinent adult or calmly and politley deal with the drunk who's just took a swing at you while you try to sew him up.
As that advert on telly about the police says 'I couldn't do it'. I think Nurses should get at least double of what they are getting.


War Hero
thanks Lord f. Personnally I think the Army salary at officer level is about right for a nurse. But then could the same be said for alot of Jobs in the military.
Pay 2000 is a military version of the clinical grading system that was brought in to divide nurses and make them fight each other over their perceived worth and not stand up to Govt. IMHO Pay2000 has done same in military.
Come on! :eek:  There are certain people who should be, and secretly probably are, embarrassed about what they are now getting as a result of PANTS2000....  I could SOOOOO give some examples but I won't 'cos I couldnt  stand the smug comments.... Oh No!  I've become bitter  ::)  Do agree about nurses though.  Bet those doubly incontinent adults arent considerate enough to be doubly incontinent at the same sitting.....

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I write this on behalf of the guys who have been done wrong - I do my job peacetime,wartime and dinnertime - along with the chefs and clerks, and we are on the lower rate (RAMC until WO1).
Infantry are on the higher rate for stagging on (which we all do and have done), playing PS2 and a couple of afternoons training per week. Call me naive, NAIVE (done it for you) but i think the system flaws there. I wish I flew helicopters.

New Q

Sadly whatever happens with regards to the amount of money that soldiers are paid will always offend some one ? when pay 2000 came in I recieved an initial small pay rise then recieve two annual pay rises so where is the problem ?


It doesn`t matter what rank i`ve been, or what I`ve been paid prior to, or after PAYCUT2000. I`m always the same amount overdrawn at the end of the month.
Bastards! :mad:


What about if we shortened the months - then there'd be less time to spend the money!!!

Where's the Gems forms when you need 'em? ;)

BTW I don't believe you could spend that much, you ex Band 7er ;D

New Q

It doesnt matter how much you get paid in the Army it will always be too much for the amount you do and will always be gone in two weeks ???

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