Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by cage88, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Orite guys and Girls, need some questions answered/advice or both!
    i a 21 yr od male with a hnd in mech engineering and a hands on background!
    i think i have my job choices down to between REME electronic tech, avionics tech or RE electrician!
    1) see for the tech jobs could anyone tell me how long before i would get my HND??
    2) im mainly looking at REME as i like the sound of the specialisation jobs esp. the diver job, could you tell mehow long it will be before i am able to apply for this?
    3) how likely am i to be accepted if i am fit enough for it?
    4) what is better between RE or REME for been close to action and getting a good post?
    5) which one of RE or REME will i be more likely to be able to take part in sport and/or adventurous training?
    6) i am a bit of a lad and like the nights outs and craic with the bhoys which one (opinions) am i likely to enjoy more?

    if you could answer any/all of these questions id be very greatfull and any other sensible opinions or advice would be very much appreciated! thanks
  2. RE are better because REME originally stood for Royal Engineers Minus Education until 1942 Army act when the REME were renamed to their current title.
  3. If you aready have a HND they might stear you towards orifficer as you might be a little bit over qualified for the drivers job. The tech jobs are great for pay and promotin 2 years LCPL 3-4 CPL as long as you get JMC also you earn more as a corporal than a lieutenant it make taking stupid orders from them just that bit more barible.
    The tech training is quite intence 12 month basic tech course 6 month class one 2-3 years after the basic course usualy gets you the HNC. But classroom work does not realy prepare you that much when you get to your unit.
    There is one problem with specialist jobs not everyone has a helicopter or tank parked in the garden for you to fix in civi street so the RE has got some plusses.
    As for getting close to the action it's overated. Trying to support front line troops in their high tech Chobam covered tank while you sitting in a 4 tonne Bedford that is as old as your dad and has the same armoured protection as a wet paper bag can be quite sobering.
  4. Absolutely rusbbish post. Outdated opinions and stupid arguements.

    Cage there is a sticky post in the REME forum aboutr life as an electronics tech with relevent posts from blokes currently serving and from current instructors such as myself.
    If you would like to know more about life as a technician then PM me. I'll tell you no bullsh!t, just the truth.
  5. Cage, as Sparky said Exwoblyheads advice is a bit outdated and the sticky in the REME forum has some very good info that you should read.

    If you have already got an engineering HND you may be fast tracked through REME Tech Trg at the School of Electronic and Aeronautical Engineering (SEAE). There is no set policy on fast tracking so you will not get any cast iron promises from the recruiting staff. When you arrive at SEAE we will look at your qualifications and map them to the basic Tech cse. If you have already studied the subject we will get you to take the exam without sitting through the lectures. We recently had a trainee with an electronics degree who completed the cse in just over 6 months as opposed to the 18-24 months that it normally takes.