RE: View's on MTP 'should it stay or should it go?'

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Signallers, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Although they are very effective in the environments they were designed for, woodland DPM and desert DPM are much less effective when operating in a mixed landscape such as that found in Afghanistan.

    - MTP is designed to perform consistently over a wide range of environments.

    - A few of the Newer spec's who like it what about it? Anyone in a rush to let it go? I couldn't wait to get out of CS95's to be honest though!

    Not Arrogant, Just Better!
  2. What a shit thread.
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  3. This thread could go...
  4. Signallers

    Signallers Book Reviewer

    Like MTP then?
  5. I couldn't really give a flying;
  6. I for one think we should go back to tunics and tweeds. I also thing that the rank and file should be beaten for daring to look at an officer.
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  7. If the scientists say the colours and pattern work then I'm all for it.

    The design of the PCS is a vast improvement on CS95, so just on those grounds it should stay in.

    In barracks I'm a big fan of "In and Up" for shirt sleeve order and JWH for colder times, but just 'cos I like it doesn't mean things are going to change.

    The money was wasted on FAD, that Barracks Dress is a retrograde abomination and should all be burned on the waste ground at the back of the QMs.

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  8. Thank **** for that!...Finally someone has started a thread about MTP..............Now, if a kindly mod could make it sticky................
  9. I think we just run round naked and be issued with extra cam cream, specific to theatre. Think of the saving.
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  10. I've just done a quick poll in my room and the overall consensus is who gives a ****.
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  11. Is that cam cream all the way to the wrists or above the elbow in barracks?
  12. Depends on if it's shirtsleeve order I suppose
  13. ...and when is it on issue to the Cadets?
  14. What cam cream ?
  15. I wear the old JHW with PCS. Sometimes when I can't be arsed polishing my boots, I wear my Meindls too.

    **** da (fashion) police!