RE: UN - "Britain should get rid of the Queen"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ad4m, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. I have voted yes, because I think it is time we gave Her Majesty some democratic legitimacy.

    While we are about it, here are some clauses for our written constitution:
    1.All amendments to this constitution must be approved by the majority of the electorate.
    2.The head of state shall be the current Queen followed by her successors in accordance to the established rules of succession. These rules now form part of the constitution and are subject to Clause 1.
    3.The head of state may block any legislation that is not an implementation of a manifesto commitment.
    4.The head of state may call an election at any time that she feels that the House of Commons no longer represents the wishes of the people. The election must be held within 2 months of it being called.
  2. We'd be a good republic
  3. The UN and the EU are really getting on my nerves at the moment. Thank feck the Irish have stuck 2 fingers up at the EU constitution yesterday / today. And here's me sticking them up at the UN. WTF has it got to do with them????
  4. Just like France and the USA? :roll:
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer


    5. The Head of State to form, and nominate the members of a committee for 'Standards in Office', called 'GovWatch', to inform on and act on breaches of trust in public office. This committee having the power to bring criminal charges against anyone in public office (from the PM and Law Lords down to Local Counsellors) who acts corruptly or in breach of laws designed to protect our democracy or sell out the nation state.
  6. Seconded..

    So that's The UN, EU and may I be so bold as to include NATO as well. We're constantly being shafted by all and sundry, even those allegedly our allies.
  7. well we should just build some massive walls all the way around the UK and keep foreigners out!
    plow money into support for british citizens.
    if people want asylum alright, we'll organise for you to be put in france, we'll plow over france and take that over and use it as a sort of "external" country where we can put prisoners, foreigners and of course the POWs the french.

  8. Only one problem with that Biped..................

    ...........our prisons are overcrowded as it is, imagine if we had to make room for all the bent politicians aswell!
  9. see post above.
  10. Simple, hang every last one of them for Treason.
    Under the terms of the Treason Act that Browns government plans to abolish then several cabinet ministers and the PM himself are as guilty as sin and should be dangling froma lampost. No need to find prison space for them then.
    I recognise the argument to have a referendum to legitimise the Monarchy but they are already legitimate so there isn't really any need.
    I'm sure some of our esteemed leaders would like to do away with the Monarchy to complete their total control and the removal of democracy from Britain. That is what Brown has always intended isn't it?
  11. And guess where this is going? :D
  12. As much as she's a charming little old lady, it does stick in my throat that I can't have a stab at being monarch because I was born a smelly pad-brat. I really want one of those big, free houses too. I'm sure we wouldn't have to cut her head off or anything, maybe just give her a wedgie and make her live on an island somewhere (and pay rent).
  13. lets just give it a go, just for a week :p