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Bring it on...........I have broad shoulders so it does´nt phase me one bit, and i´m sure it will not phase my partner in crime leeanne either, At the end of the day"it gets dark" no what i really mean is i have a sense of humour so i can and will laugh at anything. ;D ;D :D :D ;) ;) :) :) 8) 8) :-* :-*
Me thinks that leeanne and trog are one and the same! Bit like a Cav Offrs father and brother. ::)

PS Trog, definitely not Commissioned! I just copy what I'm going to post into a Word document, idiot check it then copy and paste back over what I've typed. It's not me saying stuff, it's Microsoft!


I've just done it after reading a previous suggestion for a 'Jetblast' board.  The general shit talking board is now 'The NAAFI Bar'.  We'll see how it goes.
Well Colonel,
It's going pretty well actually - I'm pretty surprised you have'nt joined us for a good ol' Naafi pint, then we could talk about me and my friend Trog being  moderators!!! I mean come on - We do know how to fly a bit of humour around!!!!! :p


;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :'( :-/Of course, to go with all the other asylum seekers i.e the tara, Blue nugget,leeanne,yourself, etc, you know all the people that want to have a laugh and a joke ::) :p :-[ :-X
Mr Flash FART!!!

Get a life will you - and cheer up a bit more!!
You must try opening your front door some time and meeting other human beings out there!!!

Believe me - most of us can help you actually find a life!!!!
Ooeer missus! Where did that come from!

The smilies after my post indicated that it was meant to be humourous ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


Sweet toffee is no relation of mine i  actually thought she  had something to do with you
Sweet toffe go blow yourself---------up ;D


Sweet toffee is no relation of mine i  actually thought she  had something to do with you
Sweet toffe go blow yourself---------up ;D
You type like your German......
Either that, or your just a dumb c*w!!!!!!
Who´s the dumb c#w here i think you luvvie, lets look at your first sentence should´nt it write
You type like your A german......
compared to the way you wrote it mine reads proper english.
and no i´m not an hairy a#se german what are you? Turkish maybe
boo who leeanne lose´s again the war of words
later luvvie :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
You really are a THICK BORING DOG are'nt you??

Why don't you go and bore some other Website! Then again, you've probably done that, that's why we're left with a f**kwit like you!!

Just a few tips for you......

1.  If you carry on mouthing off on this post to me, I will be forced to track you down and personally kick f**k out of you!! And believe me, I will!!

2.  The aim of this Website is to add a few exciting posts reference the Army (Which i'm afraid you have'nt got round to yet, as your acting like a 5 year old spoilt b***h, TRYING to be funny).  And I reckon if you don't start sorting your f****d up head out - You will get kicked off it anyway.

So be a good little hooker, and do us all a favour and F**K OFF!!!!!

Beat that then you Junk Yard Rat!!!!!!!!

:) :) ;D ;D :) :) ;D ;D :) :) ;D ;D :) :) ;D ;D :) :) ;D ;D :) :)
uh really scary!
i´m shitting myself already...............................NOT!!!

come on girl,have you not got better things to do as boring me,so go and play on the motorway!!
Ha nice one Leeanne! Touché! There's one that that should sting.. And it's probably quite accurate too!  ;D

As for you sticky whatever.. Nutsting? That's got to hurt.. Mind you.. by the sounds of you, you've probably got quite a large set of cohones dangling down there anyway, so it wouldn't be too bad!  Top tip - When you type a swear word, it is replaced by another word.. hence sh'tting becones shitting. Also.. try this one.. Sc'unthorpe. Scunthorpe. See!
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