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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. I doubt this has happened in most corps but a trades in my corps have undergone several title changes.

    Not only have the titles changed but also the training objectives. Not really big TO changes before 9/11 but since the main skills have changed dramatically e.g. being able to setup a 320 has been replaced with being able to connect a laptop to a WAN.

    Problem is unlike the regular army retraining didn't really happen, in the regulars it would be a formal course and the TA solution was 'informal' weekends. Or put another way, regular soldiers were retrained by corps solutions but the TA had/have to put into place Regt/Sqn/troop solutions.

    So this means we could have TA OR's/JNCO's/SNCO's with totally inadequate skills for the job they are trying to perform. I've seen new Siggies totally outperforming soldiers with 15+ years experience, potentially undermining the command chain.

    I have some solutions but I need ways on enforcing this re-education without issuing AGAI 67's (is that the correct way of saying you don't have the correct skills or is it the wrong procedure). Any suggestions on how to change TA corps policy.
  2. Join the Infantry.

    Is there really any future for TA Scalies?
  3. But there's a flip side. Many of the TA Sigs guys work in IT full-time and have amassed experience (not always directly applicable) and knowledge beyond their regular counterparts.
  4. I did! And my RSO had similar problems and busted the CV Sgt because the CV Cpl was excellent.
  5. I agree but its not them and all regulars I've worked with acknowledge their skills (and visa versa)
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Write to your TM, outlining your concerns and putting a number of different course of action to him.

    Speak to Tech Adjt 33SR, as he has some interesting ideas about IT training.

    If you have Siggies out-performing Sgts, I would suggest some rather direct career advice is required.

  7. I didn't say that. It was from my time in the infantry in the early 90's, my platoon commander was an ex-reg RSigs YofS.

    I've not seen this done (for trade reasons other than disciplinary) since then, but I guess a large TA - as it was then - could pick and choose its soldiers, unlike the lean TA of today.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Well, if they have not reached Sgt in 15 years then they need direct career advice anyway ;)