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im c3s been at my unit a month and hate my trade...i know its hard to re-trade but does anyone know the right channels to go through?
Your chain of command is the only way to go mate, your Sqn 2ic will get the ball rolling with the RCMO for you. Obviously being able to retrade will depend alot on whether C3S is under-manned right now or not.
Being a pinch point trade I'd say you are really hoping unless you want to go to another pinch point trade such as res spec. Don't hold your breath is what I'd say.
it is pump very pump....but no one chooses c3s do they? i remember it being my 7th job choice since my first 6 got declined even though i was more than qualified for all!
oh well..chin up!
The policy is that you cannot change trades. Remember, it may have been your 7th choice, but it was yours.

It's now over a month, where have you got with this? Did they let you change?

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