Discussion in 'REME' started by Army_Rizzle, Jun 26, 2010.

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  1. If you re-trade within REME whats the deal with rank?

    Do you loose it? And if so for how long?
  2. id stick to stacking ur shelves mate
  3. What trade and rank are you and what do you fancy doing?
  4. Lance Jack TSS , thinking of armourer.
  5. First step - Speak to your Armourer and get down to the armourers workshop for a couple of days hands on to see if you really are cut out for it but more importantly It's the right job for you. If you still think you can handle gallons of tea and donkey porn have a word with your RCMO who should be able to get the current up-to-date info from MCM. I know LCpls who have transfered and kept their rank both REME and other Cap badges.

    Good luck mate - get any major dramas give me a shout, I might not be able to help but it will cheer up the shittty day I'm having!
  6. Im a TSS, of course I can handle this. 8)
  7. Get your application in Monday morning then! :D
  8. Things are changing rapidly, theres no money in the pot for initial training at the moment and I can see people wanting to retrade or transfer becoming a thing of the past. From April 6th 2010 all those who get allocated to phase1/phase 2 are having to sign a Job offer letter stating they cannot change jobs once trained.
    I realise youve been in a few years now A_R but with this current financial climate you will find it very hard to swop jobs IMHO as places like SEME just havent got the places. At the moment there are no adults being allocated into the REME due to this.
  9. We had the REME roadshow at ours the other day and the SO2 touched on this subject. I'm going to look into it, but G10 for men realy is killing me slowly.
  10. I've recently been accepted for retarding to another Corps, and this matter of phasing out the procedure entirely was never mentioned.
    However, to answer the question, I'm maintaining my rank of LCpl.
  11. retarding snigger
  12. which
  13. The OP was enquiring about retrading WITHIN REME though mate. It is different from transferring to another Corps ;)
  14. Intentional!

    And yes, I'm aware the OP was asking reference within REME, which is why I stated my own movement to another Corps. Am I not right in thinking that it would very much be a case-by-case issue?

    As for where I'm going - I think that much info might well give me away.