Re-Trading Would I Become Phase 2 or Phase 3?

I don't know if this is the correct area to post this but it seems the closest.

I've been in for about 3 years done a tour and whatever else and am after a Re-Trade in the Signals. The trade I am in correctly is far from anything close to what I'd be doing in the Signals (in any trade, although I am after Techy). My question therefore is, since I am practically learning a new trade and it isn't just an "upgrade", would I go to Blandford as a Phase 3 (Due to being an experienced soldier) or a Phase 2 (Due to my lack of trade knowledge)?

I am slightly confused as when I retrade I won't belong to my regiment any more so I'd have to be attached to someone (Phase 2 Training Squadron?) or would they "Pre-Post" me to a Signals Regiment and let me do it as a Phase 3?

So my question is, am I going to have to get used to a year or bullshit and room inspections or?
If it's anything like Arborfield and the REME then you will go in as Phase 2. Expect to live with the other guys on your course, do the same duties, block jobs etc but also probably be lumbered with course senior and extra responsibilities because you've done more time than the others.

Not sure why you would expect it to be any different...
I retraded to RAMC in 1996 and was posted from JHSU(UK) to what was then AMS Trg Cen. Whilst I was an "experienced soldier", I was effectively starting from scratch and joined Martin-Leake Platoon that had just arrived from ATR Lichfield.

We were treated as any other Class 3 trade course would have been, although aside from me there was an ex-RRW lad who was rejoining; the instructors varied as to how we were treated, some recognised previous service, others didn't, you pays your money and takes your chances.

I wouldn't hold out much hope of "pre-posting"; APC will need to know that you've passed your new trade course before they allocate you, my surmise is that you will be posted to Blandford.

Edited to add: just so we don't completely bring you down, you may find that even as a Class 3 retrade, when you arrive at your new first posting, just knowing how the army works can help. I took one or two courses with me, nothing special but I arrived at my new unit slightly more qualified than others.

That and the hopefully increased confidence you would have over other recruits should stand you in good stead come MPAR and SJAR.

And finally, be loyal to your new Corps; the RAMC was rammed with TFIs, both ORs and LE officers all spouting about how good their previous cap-badge was - the question was mooted; why leave then...?

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You will be under phase 2 instruction but most likely treated like an adult. Enjoy being course leader for the entire course :D
Enjoy being course leader for the entire course :D
You'll be a phase 3 as you've done time in a field unit but you will be on a phase 2 course. As Disco said enjoy being course leader. You will probably have some (if not all) of the bullshit to. But the main thing is, you won't be treated like a complete sproggy ****.
One of my troop screws is a re-trader from infantry to Signals.

Went through Blandford on a Phase 2 course but was treated like a phase 3. As said above, you'll be held responsible for the actions of your course though. Treat yourself!

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