Re-trading from RAC

Discussion in 'RLC' started by The_Incredible_Hulk, May 16, 2008.

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  1. Bit of background for you,

    I was a Vehicle Specialist in RLC for 5 years, I left the army due to various reasons with no bad CR's or anything like that. I have come back in 3 years down the line and have gone in to the RAC Kings Royal Hussars in particular. I have decided that this is not for me, I like it but cant see any future. I wish to return back to RLC but cant decide what trade, how are the driver/port ops and Mov Con trades now-a-days ?? Any other trades and ideas greatly received. I am on course at the moment but will be going to see my RCMO when I return

    Thanks in advance
  2. We don't want you back!!!!!! :)
  3. Is one of the reasons you haven't because you now have to do a '1st Parade' on the vehicles before you jump in start up and rev the gonad's off them? :x Which is something completly alien for a so called Vehicle Specialist IMHO!!! :D
  4. Cheers for the vote of confidence Strima !! What is the situation with the VS's now anyway ?? Must pop down to Marchwood and catch up with Colonel Monkfish !! Well Soprano, we don't do '1st parades' mate, we do 'before use maintenance', got nothing to do with it anyway, bit more in depth than that. Why bother doing first parades as a VS anyway ?? When theres only 2 of you to shift a couple of hundred wagons you would be there for a lifetime. If its outbound @ Marchwood it should be all good to go, and if its inbound its either fuc*ked or very nearly !! Besides, its not my wagon so hey ho, ha ha !! Were not as bad as you think we are anyway mate
  5. Pot kettle? :lol: Having worked with you Men in Black i have seen many a Tankie jump in and rev the bollox of the challs. Falcon Sqn kept me busy on the gun side as well. :twisted: :wink:
  6. Sorry showing my age! :D

    Fcuk off 'Winnet', oh and BTW it's just FALCON! :roll:
  7. Fcuk off 'Winnet', oh and BTW it's just FALCON!
    :oops: (Heels together) :D