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re-trading from electronics tech to vmb, is this wise?

Discussion in 'REME' started by weally10, Mar 4, 2007.

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  1. just wondering if people think this is a good decision or not? i know being a tech means better promotion, but being a vm seems alot more enjoyable! what do you people think?
  2. depends on time served,what you want,where you want to go and loads of other stuff how long you been in ?
  3. Brill idea, at least you dont have to learn to squat if you've already mastered that as a tech....
  4. I didnt realise that you could re-trade from tech to VM?
  5. For your own self-esteem yes it is. Even if you do become a b-mech
  6. Move from time promotion to competition ...
    Leave a lovely warm ERV to lie in the rain under a filthy old 43/Wr/CR/LR ...
    Oily hands ...
    Infantry Regts ...

    You're really considering it ?
  7. You're having us on....

  8. You know how many "techie" sergeants there are?
  9. You must be a really crap techie if you want to be a vmb......
  10. :thumright: Why not. As we're all on the same pay band you are in fact better off going for reccy mec where I think the job satisfaction is massively higher and a chance to make WO1 with out tiffy course - purely on merit.

    These boys are the really intelligent ones - their path is the righteous one and we are the dumb onions scraping for Artisan promotion or enduring a pants tiffy course and probably divorce to follow.

    Tech storeman also not as daft as they may appear. They also have easy promotion all the way up and lets face it a tech will shine amognst most of them.

    DO IT! :thumleft: