Re trading during Phase 1 at harrogate?

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Despite the username, which quite frankly didnt work out: due to my upper body strength being that of a 7 year old girl, i didnt make the cut at selection for Royal Engineers, so i got offered other jobs for september tht were available, i picked Communications logistic specialist, or driver lineman and signed everything and start basic on the 23rd of sept at harrogate, but im having second thoughts and to whatbi have read the trade is uselass and doesn't sound good at all,

So what im asking is would it be possible for me to switch cap badge during phase 1 if i improved upper body?
If not would it be possible to retrade like to something like Comms System Engineer or operator, or EW within the signals?

And if i REALLY didnt like the idea of joining as a liney and couldnt switch, then if i left after the 28days during basic could i re join as an adult entry? And would this mean starting the whole process again?

I just want to know what oppertunities are open to me.
Thanks in advance, any hate/abuse is welvome! ;)
My browser has a spell check function. Can I suggest using Google Chrome, you feeble-limbed wannabe.
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