Just thought i would post this to gauge reaction....
I dont have a problem with re-trades, it helps with our undermanning in my trade and if it keeps a "good" soldier in then so be it. But then i hear stories about a Cpl retrade, did B3 trade course last yr (Nov), could soon be on his B1 in a few months time.

He may be a top bloke (i dont know the guy personally and havnt heard anything good/bad about him) but i see the B1 course as being able to run BFi's and then have the technical and experience to pass onto B2's and B3's. I dont see how he could of got that experience in less than 12months over a 3-4yr LCpl who may of done 3-4+ exercises and possibly 2+ Op Tours in the trade.

I see it as if you joined as a infantryman/chef/driver or whatever and it takes you 5yrs+ to make your mind up that the trade isnt for you then you take the hit that you may also have to wait to get the B1 qualification and money.

He maybe a good soldier, runs rings around the Reggy Trg Wing because of his previous experience but the B1 is a trade qual and you need the time and experience to do it. Its for these reason i think after LCpl you cannot retrade, you may disagree, may not.
I totally agree with your sentiments, however, can every B1 Pet Op run a BFI? The answer to that is undoubtedly no as it takes nouse as much as experience to run a working logistic installation.

I read with interest an article in Soldier magazine written by an acting Sgt in a Germany based Tpt Unit that majors on Skiing (nothing like singling yourself out) writing about tracksuit soldiers promoting on time yet spending half of the year out of trade. The reality is that part of what makes us effective is a host of characteristics not just time served. That said it can be frustrating, people moving on without accruing relevant experience, however, it is a whole lot less dangerous when the person is a B2 JNCO than say a Sqn commander, promoted due to their face waving ability!
I agree Ford P, i hasten to add im not bitter at the the Cpl i mentioned, im above him in the food chain and the time i have left im more concerned with what im going to do in Civ Strasse than a Cpl retrading, but i hope that the guy passes the course but gives respect to lads underneath with experience and uses it.
I know another re-trade, did it at LCpl and i was the same at the time. When we were going on ex together i remember him coming up to me and saying "£$%%, i havnt got a clue here mate, help us out if i need it". Had top respect for the bloke and have done ever since, just cant handle his beer! Lightwieght! :D
Surely if said Cpl turns up on Class One course, if he passes the Entrance test then he deserves to be on the course ???
Often the system can be equally to blame in the treatment of re-treads. I have seen numerous ex-infantry types who are continually selected to run Gore trophy teams / work in the Trg wing etc. It doesn’t hurt their promotion (often on the contrary) but they get further behind on their trade knowledge and experience, surely the point of them transferring in the first place.
How about a Cpl Aircraft Tech who retraded to Sup Con in 1998 and is now a WO1
MSI64 said:
Surely if said Cpl turns up on Class One course, if he passes the Entrance test then he deserves to be on the course ???
Heres a scenario...your a Sgt asked to go to Afghanistan with 5 other blokes to run a BFI at Kabul, you have the choice of a B1 Cpl with 5yrs experience as a Pet Op or a Cpl with 1yrs experience as a Pet Op (who has just done a B1 course). Taking into account that 5 plus yourself to run 24hr ops and the LCpl who is going is B2....who do you take??
MSI, there are officers who pass the OPC course but look closer to home...would you like to be on tour with him,???? No!, experience counts for a lot mate!
Totally agree would alway go with experience however its a fact thats how the trade is going you and I both know it
Tell everyone you meet that you should be a rank higher for long enough and it happens.
We havent had a lot of retrades lately so we seem to pampering to them, As for my last comments I take it all back after the day we have had.

I withdraw my last statement about passing the entrance test Sorry C5H120

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