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hi, thinking og joining the RE as a carpenter or C3 any one recomender either.
Also do you spend more time on combat eng than trade?
Is it true the RE are big drinkers?
hi, thinking of joining the RE as a carpenter or C3 any one recomender either.
As a Sig you would get to do your trade, but as a carpenter? Hmm... you might chop up the odd pile of sticks to accompany the string for Dems. I'd be more inclined to say you'll be stuck in the back of a pack trying to get your head down in between tasks.

Come to the dark side....

Resources are recruiting at the mo.. Plenty of NVQ's for grabs, steady progression through the trade and you'll not have to sit with the knockers in the back of a pack, just send them the next enthralling copy of 'a bridge over the river' :twisted: :twisted:

And drinking?

Nooooooo......... Youre mistaking us for the girl guides...
building bridges is what it's all about fella, inside every remf is a real knocker dying to get out.

stick to trade stream young man if at all possible is my advice.

drinking now thats a different matter all together no-one would ever say that the corps were big drinkers, would they?????
Thanks for comments, I been looking into it and I think im more interested in combat engineering with carpentry as my trade. Get to blow stuff up and also have trade to fall back on (correct me if im wrong).
As for the drinking, well that’s just a bonus :lol:
that's the spirit, always be a knocker first then have a trade to fall back on but if you can aim higher on the trade front then do chippies are ten a penny in the corps but sparks/plumbers are few & far between & they are handier for civvy street.
plumber ... deffo , you can NEVER find a decent turd wrestler when you need one...

and as for the drinking .... nooooooo

mind you i once had TWO (count em lads) portions of sherry trifle ... (nuts .. thats me)
Thinking of joining the RE as a carpenter....
.... err that'll be chainsaw carpentry then :lol: :lol: :lol:

Is it true the RE are big drinkers?
Big drinkers??? 8O the Corp big drinkers ..... as if :wink: now where ever did ya get that idea 'hic'

As already said on here, Knocker and trade, good combo - as for trades? has to be sparkie
Stay away from C3 mate, thats part of the reason why I left - I done everything I could too get away from it. And when I told explained that to the RCMO, he said the amount of C3's that had told him that. Your best bet is to chose a trade like plumbing or sparks. Or even a Planty, maybe not so much for the outside, but IMHO it definetly looked the most enjoyable out of all the Corp trades.

As for the drinking, most units are t-total :wink: And there is no such thing as an illegal drinking den, either :D
My apologies Ben, I was a tadge hasty when I said we were all Tee Total, I completely forgot about the old traditional 'Gunfire' at Christmas time (if you happen to be unfortunate enough to land a Chrimbo Duty!). I'm sure some old and bold Sapper can elaborate much more on this than I can, but basically it is a brew (cup of tea or coffee in a Tea Urn) with a smidging of Rum added to it to warm the cockles on Chrimbo morning, this is usually very kindly brought to you in your bed by the Squadron Sergeant Major ably assisted by 1 or 2 other Senior Ranks... There you go, one other "not to be missed" reason to join the merry old Corps of Royal Engineers, though having said that, no doubt it is an Army wide tradition!!!

Enjoy your time as a Sapper...

Best Trade? No doubt everyone will state their own, but remember the RE's also offer the opportunity to become a Commando, Parachutist, Diver, EOD or Boat Op Specialist (amongst many other Quals) on top of your Trade...
doesn't matter wat anyone says. you want to be an Ammunition Technician in the RLC. now watch as all the whiners tell you not to.
Be a Sparky it's for winners, no hands down toilets fighting with Compo Pooh, it is better to get a trade that will be of use to you when you finish in the Corps.

As for drinking, no never, might of on occasion had to have a small portion of sherry trifle or the small drop of Gunfire at Christmas, but normally never touch the stuff. Hic Hic !!!

Edited as i had typed using my elbows.
Yeah go for a trade that will stand you in good stead in civi street

much like i did, Brickie, - used it loads of times, about 7 in 12 years I think, then leave and do something completely different :)

and drinking - no never a drop passed my lips
I know of very few guys who left the corps and actually carried on in their army trade, when you leave you have so many choices that you take the chance to try something different, or something that catches your interest, I was an MT corporal, Driver spec, and EOD trained in the corps, my first job when i got out? countryside ranger, fantastic job!.......... now doing EOD work, the pay's a lot better!
Christian_or_Lion? said:
doesn't matter wat anyone says. you want to be an Ammunition Technician in the RLC. now watch as all the whiners tell you not to.
I would highly reccomend this trade as it compares directly with it's civilan equivalent which is...errmm...hmmm

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