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Regt Spec Re Trade to Tech Storeman according to Army Instructions n shit is a COMPULSARY change of trade, however Regt Spec to Armr is a VOLUNTRY change of trade, thats bullsh1t by to way because the retrade had to happen either way, it shouldn't matter which trade it is.
Answers/ideas on a post card gents plz??????????Ta
I remember when I started out on arrse and banged in a few crappy threads to get things started. It's all been said before.

You are better off easing your way in by adding weight to arguements before your replies get taken seriously.

Why don't you get some posts under your belt in the NAAFI bar and find the flavour of the site.

I'm no expert but you will learn that the REME forum is generally self-policing and on the whole fairly boring (but usually relevent and trade related).

Oh, text speak is generally frowned upon, Pze etc, looks awful and gives people an instant reason not to take you seriously.


Now Now Heywood, do not be so quick to judge. he might be trying to find out as an ex RS(Hence the TXT spk) about which CEG he will go into and merely be planning his career path.
easy boys. however it is relavent because its what happened to me and has subsequently hammered my career. i am how an armr with six yrs experience as rs that counts for nothing....... cue the rs jokes!!!!


In my haste I opened up a new post which is relates to this topic without seeing this one (Bloody RS thicko!). It is an iteresting subject and attracts a lot of views, in my totaly unbiased opinion being RS, I think the Corps has made a mistake, but one day someone will re-invent the wheel, a bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!
gundog said:
Now Now Heywood, do not be so quick to judge.
I was merely referring to his other threads that he, grenadesgobang, started, I appreciate that a PM might helped.

Tech bashing is long in the tooth and almost an admission of jealousy.


I think this one is a bit of a pain.... I don't agree with much coming out of the REME ivory towers but in this case our Corps' hands were tied. RS was unsustainable and not an issue to leave for our successors in years to come. This was always gonna be an emotive issue (the killing of any trade group always would be) so brave decisions had to be made. Personally I applaude DEME(A) for addressing it and not letting his successors get landed with it at the last safe moment.


unclebink said:
RS was unsustainable
Pouring fuel onto the fire, was it unsustainable? what yardstick did they use to measure it? Was it because of falling manning levels? I am putting this one in because I have known quite a few infantry, cavalry and arty types who were marking time for promotion and were going to transfer to the RS CEG until the announcement a few years ago of the end of the CEG.

Now I am surely not the only one out there who knows of one or two teeth arm types who contemplated going RD/RS, so by that rationale there must have been a fair few hopefuls who wanted to join RS. It was where we got a lot of the RS from.

I remember reading about the reasons in the Corps Comic, but I have slept and drank alcohol since then.

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