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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by, Jun 4, 2005.

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  1. hello...can anyone give me any USEFULL information about re trading from driver line to stores or this last board kind of pissed me off.
    many thanks in advance
  2. 23C

    23C Clanker

    dont re-trade pal...its the same sh*t no matter what job you do. just stick with it you'll get there in the end, and you will be a better leader because of it.

    23c +
  3. good point . taken on board. cheers
  4. Having also been fisted by the Corps' wearing a Iron Gauntlet, I know how you feel.

    If it's is just intial rage and shock stick with it.

    If you had doubts prior to the board and this has just reinforced it, then speak to your OC. The RAO holds list of all vacent or undermanned slots throughout the army, as well as the Corps'. It's is also on the Army website for the worst undermanned trades.

    Like G3Ops says, you will go to the bottom(ish) of the pile, so it may be better to stay in place.

    You have my condolences, but don't let it get to you.

    Your CR was probably used as a writing pad or door stop, like mine.
  5. Happened to me last year mate, considered signing off I was that disillusioned.
    Stick with it, you will make a better SNCO having actually got some experience in the ranks, than the goldenballs who jumps up every 2 years, then falls flat on his arrse as soon as a problem comes his way. (At least thats what I keep telling myself)
  6. Lots of good advice here however, I do know that there are lots of Sgt vacancies in the Tech Supp Spec rosta and a lot of units are standing gaps - mine included because they haven't got the people to fill them. Now having said that you need to take into account what the other guys here have written because they are absolutely right. You should def get an OC's int and discuss with your RCMO - they can get a steer from Glasgow and advise you whats best for you in particular.

    Hope that helps
  7. I have heard that the corps is to consider that the RQMS (Tech) is really the natural progression in trade for the Tech Sup Spec, as it has that specialist element. The RD-wallah can still do RQ Gen as a stepping stone, along with SSM, to the big badge slot.

    Why don't you consider something different like special duties or something. Also remember that there are other jobs in other corps which do correlate closely to many of our scaley trades.

    No, they may have a copy of 'restricted' and 'protected' trades in all Corps, however you may be better asking your Sqn 2IC or equivalent to ask for the latest MCM Div figures showing surplus and deficiency trades within the Corps.

  8. you guys have given me some moral !! and choc frog , your right , but mine is most likeky to be used for mopping spilt coffee up out of there dead expensive leather chairs !
  9. There's nothing stopping you re-trading mate. However, you've got to be suited to something surely?

  10. paul the devil
  11. Stick with it mate. I speak from experience having spent some 8 years at gods rank before being picked up out of the blue from the reserve list. Having been a late starter to the senior ranks I soon managed to show what they were missing and made another couple of quick promotions!!

    My advice, stick with what you know and are good at, do more outside work (unless you already do!) and finally, don't let the fcukers get you down!!! :wink: