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Discussion in 'RLC' started by gibson097, Jul 25, 2005.

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  1. OK spare the Flak. !
    I have a soldier who wishes to re-trade to RLC Driver. Seems that information is difficult to come by. I would like to put her in touch with someone who could offer level headed information and maybe a short placement to get a feel for it. !! Curently based in Gosport.

    Pm or reply here. thanks in advance. I would say sensible answers only but that would be cutting the very soul out of ARRSE.
  2. I am a Dvr Rad Op currently based in Gosport (Fort Blockhouse). I have loads of info here and am willing to tell all about the trade, including showing the kit. Will that do?

  3. does anyone have experience in the trades of RLC chefs and RLC dvr rad ops. Give marks out of ten for them both, including best and worst bits of the jobs. Don't take the piss either, this could end up deciding my career (yes, I really am taking it all this seriously)
  4. If yer really interested, PM me and I'll help you out. Not only will I tell you first hand, but will also tell you where to get the info online. Helped the girl out in the thread above and she's keen as hell, so hopefully another one for our glourious trade soon.

  5. Get her to give me a ring at ACIO Aldershot, Ask for Swifty
  6. BaggyinBlack, cheers for the offer!
    I'm not jumping head first yet, too many options available to go in depth with anything. I just wanted to know of any perks in the job that might tempt me to dig further. Had enough of cooking, apparantly the catering side of army life has never heard of the European Working Hours Directives. 90 hours a week my arse.
  7. Give me another call on the numbers I gave you when you came to my office, and I'll tell you the rest of the info you require. Also that offer of the mini exercise still stands. If you have lost the numbers, PM me and I'll give you them again.

  8. I'm a Rad Op Cl2 and the best bit i've experienceed has to have been telling my oc to do one out of my troop commanders CP, excellent. 10 out of ten for that!!!

    Worst bit is listening to eight hours plus of "White Noise" on radio stag!!!!!!!

    Deffinately one of the better jobs in the corps though
  9. No white noise with BOWMAN. The squelch button works a dream....just a pity BOWMAN doesn't!!!!
  10. Still to re-fit with bowman baggy.

    Maybe gte it one day shortly!!!!!!
  11. Well, I've just been told today that I've been selected for promotion, as a flat liner, so ye can come and take my BOWMAN off me as I won't need it any more for a while :)
  12. yes we know baggy your promoted, cant handle the pressure..
  13. Would a driver Rad Op basically involve the same sort of jobs as a RSigs Rad Op?
  14. Possibly, but a lot more professionally :D
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