Re trade from tech elec to tech av

Received a letter from APC offering me the "opportunity" to re trade from electronics tech to avionics tech due to the electronics side being "critically overmanned"

Just wandering if anyone else has been offered a re trade or has any thoughts on whether it would be a good idea?

I'm doing my JCLM at the moment so im a bit unsure what effect going back to Arborfield for 9 months (i think) would have on my promotion chances. Any insight would be a appreciated
I probably would take it, with the redundancies you know your safe another nine months. (probably)
If a service is overmanned, you can bet your bottom dollar where the cuts are gonna come in.
I would
Promotion or job?

Difficult choice.............
Difficult one and I guess it depends on how long you have done, how close to class 1 you are or how likey it is that you will be made redundant.

I understand that the prospect of going to Arborfield for what is essentially a 9 month trade course (6 month career courses are bad enough) isn't top on anyones want-to-do list, but, if to stay in I would rather that than the uncertainty of civvie street. Plus it wont do you any harm by getting more engineering qualifications.

Just don't get me started on the "prestigious" light blue beret!
The simple answer might be this;
Which one will give you the best chance of a job once you leave the REME?
Which one will get you the highest paid job ,Once you leave the REME?
Which one will I have most job satisfaction with for the rest of my life, Once I leave the REME.

I could never stand that light blue thing, an absolute twat to keep clean!! Nor could I understand, why when in a REME Aircraft workshop or a Battalion, we couldn't wear our own dark blue ones.
Looking beyond the military, avionics engineers are currently like hens teeth in civvy street.

A licensed av eng working on offshore oil and gas helicopters in the UK would be on 50-60k. Dual rated with frames and engines would add another 4k.
Overseas it could all be double.

The trick is to ensure you have your civvy licence in place before you leave.
LRTT now do a self study course tailored for serving servicemen (and women).

Good prospects for those leaving soon but as to the future who knows.

Out of interest I am off to start my civvy avionics training on Monday having spent all my career working for a living on frames and engines in both the army and civvy worlds. Only problem is I am too old to really make it pay (55).

I would say make the most of your army time as it is the experience and training that civvy employers really want. Couple that with a licence and you become a valuable commodity.

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