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I was wondering if anyone can help me! I am currently in the process of re trading however I cant find any information on how long the class 3 suppliers course would be for a phase 3 soldier. Rumour has it that its not as long as the phase two course?!?!? I would be grateful for Any info on the Re Trade process as well. Do they still do golden hellos????

The Class 3 Suppliers course is x amount of weeks no matter when you do it. Its a trade course so i would expect you will only do it during Phase 2 anyway. I dont know why you would want to re-trade. The Suppliers in our Regt have literally nothing to do day-in-day-out. Blame it on the wonderful idea of "converting" a Tpt centric Regt into a TLR
"so where is our STF then"?
"its 75 miles away where you left it and thats where its staying"!!
Course is the same length for you as it is for the Phase 2 lot. Dont need to worry about any of the crap, but have concentrate on not letting Deepcut sucking soul out of you instead.
er!!!! Yeh!!!!
But there comes a point when you've been in for a while you don't want to go back to marching from the block via scoff then the classroom!

From one old sweat to another.....yes i can agree on that. I was in work the other week and the RSM told us all that we may have to start marching to and from the Cookhouse again and gym when on PT. Apparently its because the new CO is ex-Guards and he thinks we should have more drill in the Army! Jesus, its not like we dont do enough already!
On top of that, the RSM is ex-PTI (he was SSM of PT Sqn last posting) and thinks PT 3 times a week is the norm and not how we do it now Tues's and Fri afternoons. We all had a word with him in the Naafi to tell him where to go as its too hot at the moment.
You dont march around deepshit as with the rest of phase 2, your a soldier and are treated as such, still showing a bit of respect and forming squads to march around camp is the norm, but your on course, you do your PT in your own time, may pick up a guard commander if your an NCO ...that is all

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