Re: The Real Issues!!

Obviously got the fishing fleet out?
It's bods like you that stop us from being Aviators.

And your point is what exactly?

SORRY I was trained by Ginge Gardner ( Mad Man)'

Mmmm, so what.
Lordy Flashcnut,

Give the good Doctor his say.  I believe, Doctor, your piece is straight the point.  Well done.  More about the rot becoming the AAC.  Won't be long before the AAC will be renamed RAF.
Oh dear,

This post just about sums up why the other 2 services chuckle into beer froth.

"Old - probably, because the NCOs and LeS spend years committing Aviation , whilst the young chaps complete Corps Skiing tours and essentail career enhancing desk jobs en route to Staff College and the boat loads of 1* Commands (not).

"smelling of piss and teeth chattering"..could be the years spent living in Stage 3 Fire trenches in sub zero temparatures. Essential front seat training for a £42M state of the art weapon system then. Obviously the way to go ::)

BA pilots v Army Aviators - who all have to complete the Army PILOTs Course ??? Got me there DAV, you will have to better than that.

And your evidence that the Corps is a warfighting unit?

Accept £10k less - you might find that many mil pilots accept much less than a civil pilot. You might want to lie low on this one...the groundies might have a few things to add. Especially as we sc**w them for 3 trades and pay them for less than 1!!

Your state of mind is partially excusable having been trained by one of the Corps top dinosaurs and "dig in" minority types. Suggest a role model change before you are pinged for a L&GT tour :eek:

The majority of the Corps are prepared to debate the REAL issues!
With you there, RC! ;)

I use the word aviator/aviation meaning
'the activity of flying aircraft, or of designing, producing and maintaining them'. That means pretty much anyone with a blue beret on.
Not as 'look at me, I'm a fcuking pilot!' OK?
The AAC always has been a dinosaur.  The policy makers have always been old timers who have never been 'up-to-date' with the times.  Feeking staff officers!  If anyone wants to criticise me about the AAC, I only have to look at this website, or Prunne or the AACA website to know there’s not many severing soldiers or officers who are 100% happy with the state of play within the Corps.  The rot set in years ago.  A few tried to change it with setting objectives (inner Sqn policy), but the few had to leave sometime.  Now you lot are left with what you've got now.  Please tell me your happy with the calibrate of Troopers now.  Please, cos they ARE the future of Army flying.
Good comment G-H. Maybe Dr A-V can take the time to come to terms with this too and stop the 'little man' syndrome he appears to have caught.
The real divider is 'them up top' not 'them on the shop floor', ie - the rest of us. We all get shafted by an antiquated heirachy.
Having read some of Dr A-V's other posts (notibly Corps Dinner thread), I feel he should be shot at dawn as a protagonist of the Jurassic mind set. ;) Soldier first? Transfer then if you wish and see how much of a soldier you really are, Dr AV. Outdated, pointless and holding us back from moving on.

Dr A-V, what does that mean, soldier first? I'd like to hear your view.
Ah gentlemen as I said at the start of many of my posts I merely seek to generate a healthy debate :)

If some of you are offended or feel that my comments are preventing you from "moving on" then I sincerely apologise. :(

Enjoy posting in here without me ::)

I don’t believe for one moment you have offended anyone.  Without yours and others comments, this section and this website would become boring.  Healthy debate generates some excellent comments (as well as some bad ones).

Ginge Gardner is as mad as a box of wasps, just a crying shame hes got ginger hair and a ridiculous porridge wog accent.

Hope the Dr isn't sulking too much, have enjoyed most of his posts
Oh yeah and reality check I am not a "Dinosaur" :mad:

Look I can use a computer :p

And for what its worth I actually think we should have a more aviation focus to our training.  I bet that shocks a few people!  But I think in this new AH era we need to start sorting ourselves out and not learning to "Dig In" all the time but lets do it sometimes.
;)  Mucker I have trust me ;)

Who are you and how do you know me?

Whoever you are I hope you are well PM me to swap email addys :D

Anyway should we not slag things off now?
And are you the same Ginge who 'lost' one eyebrow in the sandy place................

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