Re: The flash of a blade from behind!!!!!

Mmmm Joker, I'm intrigued !  For those of us who served at 4 Regt, but are now out to pasture, could you drop us a hint or three?  Or is it the usual bolox at Wotasham?
Guys ......Two points

1. Please don't post full names, especially married to current location. I can only presume Flashy hasn't jumped all over this, as he is busy deploying/moving/getting drunk etc. Can't you just do this with nicknames, or callsigns etc?

2. Is this E.Wiles married to the love of my life?  ;D

Remember people, OPSEC.........
In answer to PTP second Point / question

Dont think E wiles has ever been near Wayne Sleeps house ;D

I shall just wait for her imperial aerial gorgeousness to swing by and broadside you to buggery Doh-Nut.

Only a matter of time now, especially if Queen_of_the_Skies has had one of them "Girlie chats" the Dark side are so fond of....  ;D
Stop it.

Q O T S if shes who i think she is should pop her jugs on this page, worthy of a glance

Ref the other, she only has a broadside in fact she should carry a wide load sticker ;D


Reign in the're having a giraffe.
The CO's already bought IM his own bowl, a rubber toy and a little red & green coat to wear when he walks him at lunchtime. ;D ;D
Yeah give I M a chance he should b able to reel the co in cos hell have his head up his arse just slurpin away stand by 4 stand by and all the best
I've just deleted a few posts mentioning serving soldiers by name.  This is not acceptable - please do not do it again.

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