Re: The flash of a blade from behind!!!!!

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Muttley, Dec 1, 2002.

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  1. missed this one in the crew room, who are you on about Joker?

  2. Mmmm Joker, I'm intrigued !  For those of us who served at 4 Regt, but are now out to pasture, could you drop us a hint or three?  Or is it the usual bolox at Wotasham?
  3. I notice a bit of censorship has occured here! The original post seems to have fcuked off, too late though, we'd already read it, so come on, who is it?
  4. It doesnt take the brains of a pilot to work that one out does it Iky? ;) ;D
  5. But I'm a thick groundie and I still haven't figured it out :)
  6. Guys ......Two points

    1. Please don't post full names, especially married to current location. I can only presume Flashy hasn't jumped all over this, as he is busy deploying/moving/getting drunk etc. Can't you just do this with nicknames, or callsigns etc?

    2. Is this E.Wiles married to the love of my life?  ;D

    Remember people, OPSEC.........
  7. In answer to PTP second Point / question

    Dont think E wiles has ever been near Wayne Sleeps house ;D
  8. Hahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahaa

    I shall just wait for her imperial aerial gorgeousness to swing by and broadside you to buggery Doh-Nut.

    Only a matter of time now, especially if Queen_of_the_Skies has had one of them "Girlie chats" the Dark side are so fond of....  ;D
  9. Stop it.

    Q O T S if shes who i think she is should pop her jugs on this page, worthy of a glance

    Ref the other, she only has a broadside in fact she should carry a wide load sticker ;D
  10. If I M gets some new brooms down to the HAS's he gets my vote.
  11. Give I M a chance, he may be able to reign the CO in a bit  :-/
  12. Reign in the're having a giraffe.
    The CO's already bought IM his own bowl, a rubber toy and a little red & green coat to wear when he walks him at lunchtime. ;D ;D
  13. Yeah give I M a chance he should b able to reel the co in cos hell have his head up his arse just slurpin away stand by 4 stand by and all the best
  14. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I've just deleted a few posts mentioning serving soldiers by name.  This is not acceptable - please do not do it again.