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Thanks very much for your advice, my husband only wrote the other day pointing out that at last the military had found a system that actually works!

I won't disillusion him, I'll keep sending the ebueys. You see, he gets them every day, rain, hail sandstorms or shine! Now thats worth the risk eh?

Mind you, I'll have to keep them clean now I've read your post! DOH!!!!!
.....I was ordered to shred seventy letters......
Is that not willful tampering/destruction of Her Majesty's Mail?

And is that not still technically a Capital offence?

Your boss would be hung out to dry....and so would you..... :(
I do believe it IS an offence to tamper with any sort of mail, but you can bet yout boots that the BFPO would claim to be exempt (after all - the forces are exempt from so many other laws...).

How about BFPO being responsible for packages being secure? The number of times gifts / presents / tubes of effing toothpaste have been intercepted and stolen in transit is unbelievable.

I've got a good mind to take a great big dump - sorry, crude for me, I know - in a box, and send it to someone via BFPO just to see if it gets there. Probably, the seal will be broken, and half of the dump will have disappeared. Funny, that.

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Isn't tampering with HM Mail an offence under the Post Office Act?

Soldiers are subject to civil, criminal and military law, so the exemption thingy wouldn't wash. The only exemption I know of, if you are doing porridge at HM pleasure and perhaps intelligence purposes.

Perhaps a Postal & Courier dude could enlighten us?

I would of kept quiet about that Postie.
I wouldn't keep quiet.  It feeking sickens me to know if mail is being tampered with or even dumped !!  I'd anonymously call the RMP or civil police.

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