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Im just going in shortly along the same lines, the old ******* round here will be able to give u more advice but I have been told a fair bit about 216.

216 is a very pro mob (I am currently TA and was fortunate enough to work with an ex 216 bloke) they spend a lot of time in the field and a lot of time doing infantry skills as well as sigs skills. Obviously they supt para reg's so much of there work is airboure.

If you go tech then you will not get as much time in the field, rad op somthing like that will be best. As there basic need is rad ops.  I hear on the wire that the sqd is currently under strength as a lot of the old hands have pissed off. Trouble is you will have to wait about a year just to do P Coy (thats how long a mate of mine going for 9 para had to wait neway).

Dont let the office push u into tech if u dont want to, they have quotas 2 fill. It is good promo but its also a shit job if your a field man.

As far as im concerned just forget all this fast promo, late commision shit (a commission in RS is all desk) and concentrate on getting into a good unit and muckin in with the lads. (still thats just me)

Hope I was of some help


in that case ask the rec office about 9 sqd (PARA) RE - for dems
U mite be able to get sum advice about that on Sappers thread

no problem, any other questions, ill av a go

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