Discussion in 'Sappers' started by sigstab, Jan 13, 2003.

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  1. ???

    i heard that the Royal Engineers is about to give birth to a new TA sqn in the province.

    Has any one heard this????
  2. rumours were out couple of months ago about the setting up of a "sqn" for graduate engineers only ???  as a pool for officers ::), essentially an o.t.c. for engineers only but don`t think it would take off and nothing mores been heard off.  so nothing out there unless ur wlling to travel to england evry trg nite and w/end!! any1 know where the nearest unit wud be? heard there mite be 1 in liverpool
  3. Its started now in Bangor if I'm not mistaken.
  4. How on earth can you set up a squadron just for Graduate Engineers, Can you imagine the total void of common sense that would create, it would be like an enormous black hole of uselessness.

    What next, doubling the size of Chilwell without considering office space and quarters…..oh, we did that, Duh…..
  5. Edited.

    Guys please, no names even starred ones.
  6. 591Sqn based in what was 40Signals Regiment old place across from the fire station on the balloo road. Have boarded most of their posts and should be up and running soon. Have a couple of numbers if anyone is looking.
  7. the unit is up and running now, have had their first drill night.
  8. Hurraghforthere didnt our old boss go there as the QM??
  9. My old sister Fd Sqn 107 was based in Liverpool. Part of 75 Engineer Reg. Or it was when I was in.
  10. Yes he did.
  11. Yep had the Q bloke in the PRI shop looking for hats today.