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Discussion in 'REME' started by jack037907, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. Hi guys,

    i was wondering who has to wear the stable belt in REME, i just recently transferred to 101Bn and i want to make sure my kit is in check.

  2. Irrelevant realy, MTP PCS is worn untucked, thus the belt not being visible.

    However, its all down to commanders discretion. My current unit for example I don’t wear a belt however my new units joining instructions state stable belt is to be worn. I refer to my first sentence again though.
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  3. You won't need to unless you are wearing barrack dress and the CO has said that your unit will wear it.

    Although I am assuming you are wearing MTP. If you are still in DPM it will be down to the unit.

    Don't wear it with MTP, it looks fecking stupid.
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  4. Thanks for the replies guys, we are wear MTP but i wanted to make sure.
  5. worn around your neck, in a Windsor knot, as per Brigade of Guards.

    trust me on this one
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  6. I went to the clothing store to sign for a stable belt and he stated that they are not issued items - therefore I am supposed to buy one out of my own pocket.

    Fack that - they can't make me buy one.
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  7. Ah HA HA HA HA AH HA HA HA . oh! please stop it!
  8. So what are 'they' gonna do to me?????????
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  9. Easy, you will get a bill for "the one you lost", and when the cost comes out your wages and you complain, you will get given a belt and told not to lose it again. This will confuse you because they will do it in such a way that you think you were in the wrong to complain.

    You come away from the stores all smug because you think you have got something for free, the QM is happy because he has your hard earned cash!

    Clever bar-stewards those QM's
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  10. Mad-ferret, just don't go down that road, many before you have tried and it doesn't end well.

    Don't be a tight arse and just buy the corps stable belt.

    I'm guessing your new, or TA?
  11. Its funny how some things never change ! Back in 1968 at Brat School (Army Apprentices College Arborfield) the same logic was used to make us purchase Stable Belts, REME Side Hats and the biggest con of all, REME Scarves.

    We regularly had to pay for replacement plastic badge backings, clothing (cagoules etc), 1 Pint China mugs - which weren't on our 1157, but were regularly stolen or smashed by AT Corporals and Sergeants during locker inspections.

    When I was in an LAD with 2RTR, we had to blacken our 57 pattern Web Belts for working dress (black coveralls), buy a Saffron (they didn't wear yellow) cravat, and either buy a Tankies black plastic waist belt for No 2 Dress, or otherwise obtain another Web Belt which had to be polished black to a high shine as a best belt - until the new CO took over and decreed we all wear the Tankies Plastic belt - albeit with a REME Cap Badge on the buckle !
  12. Why would someone in the REME want an RE Stable belt :?
  13. Do let us know how that pans-out, won't you.
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  14. Your post title got me all Giddy.

    Then I realised it was about spanner monkies.
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