RE Sqns dissapearing

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by moonpig, Jun 8, 2009.

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  1. Heard today of a couple of Sqn's dissapearing(Edited to say Disbanding), anyone heard of any truth in it?
    Namely a Sqn in Cyprus and a Sqn in Hameln.

    Only asking as its 2 places at the top of my preferences.
  2. There is a thread on 62 going. Have a gander on the search thingy.

  3. I don't think any other squadrons other than 62 are being disbanded.
  4. Found out today, 45 Field Support Squadron in Hameln is also disbanding, and it is as soon as this xmas.

    Not a Wah or a rumour, heard it through official channels.

    Anympre Sqn's to go? and why all the sudden shock changes? :roll:
  5. I know why they are disbanding a couple of normal squadrons. The personnel in the squadrons that are disbanding will be used to form the third commando squadron for 24 and backfill the spaces in the two new armoured squadrons that 22 and 26 got. Just a ploy to redistribute personnel to make it look like the Corps is at full strength.

    It's all well and good having armoured squadrons but unless Titan and Trojan are going to be deployed to Afghanistan all the training that goes into getting enough tankies and getting the squadrons up to brigade level training will be wasted as they will have to retrain in the light role for Herrick.
  6. i think we have been in this situation beofe & that worked well did'nt it????
  7. Options for change anybody? Get rid of a load of units just before nearly 20 years of sustained commitment at brigade level plus.
  8. In other news, though not disbanding, 61 is re-roling as an EOD sqn, don't know if it will be leaving 23, but 23 will lose it's Wksp.
  9. Not suprising given the amount of time the EOD squadrons spend away.
  10. 6 on 6 off at the minute i have heard.
  11. And if they are really lucky they could get posted to 170 for a break by doing 6 on, 12 off!
  12. The wheels go round and round.

    I think that young troopies take notice of the old and bold five ranks up and when they get there they make this "New way ahead revelation and the best use of troops and assets changing moment" to swing it back to where the fk we started from 15 years previous.

    OOO well done Sir, that was a chod decision and we fkin luv it don't we.
  13. There is obviously a bit of a re-shuffle going on within the Corps (Doctrine) but has anyone heard of or at least read about it????

    The post above about sums it up in my opinion, they (put yourself and them in whatever box you feel fit) but they just wave the 'lets do this' stick and it happens.

    We are ALL (OR's) after all just little pawns in the grander scheme of things...

    At what stage does a staff officer actually become a politian????
  14. [
    At what stage does a staff officer actually become a politian????[/quote]

    When he joins the Masons? :wink:
  15. Errrrrrrrr it's called restructuring and all fell out of FAS. The intent was to rebalance the existing structure to try and make CS Regts the same size and shape - this is obviously a good thing in terms of flexibility and eases the strain on the OCP. As it happens, the Corps did very well out of FAS (certainly compared to most other parts of the Army) with the new Cdo Regt, 2 new Armd Sqns, a new EOD Sqn and even some extra pointy heads - all this at a time when the rest of the Army was shrinking. Rather than ignorant speculation, whinging and going on about 'the good old days' why not bother to read The Sapper Telegraph and find out the facts first?(after all that is what the ST is supposed to be there for!).

    Just a thought. :D