Re-soling US Desert Boots


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Having previously had jungle boots successfully re-soled in Aldershot (Veitch's), I took my old (very comfortable but paper thin soles) US desert boots to Altberg in Richmond for a re-sole, to be told that they don't re-sole them; I was told that the softer composition material on the desert boot melts when they try to grind it off. I subsequently took them to a cobbler in town to be told that it would cost nearly £50 for a midsole and vibram outer sole to be fitted.

Does anyone know a decent cobbler who can fit a midsole and vibram outer sole and doesn't charge the earth?

Before anyone asks, yes I have both Meindl and Lowa as issued, but I still prefer my old yank boots. I also know that I could buy a new pair for less than the cost of a resole, but I want to extend the life of the well fitting ones I already have.
Have you tried Timpsons :?

I know my cobbler charged 30quid to get my issue safety boots resoled.

The excuse that they were too wide for the commando sole, meant a non grip sole thats a cuunt on mud.
I think Altama do re-soling, postage to the US and back is probably going to be the same as a new pair though so I don't know if they have any UK agents/dealers/distributors or someone who can do it on this side of the pond. Could be worthwhile asking them.

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