RE SnowBoarding Team

I am currently in 1RSME doing the B+SF course. I have been interested in getting into SnowBoarding as a hobby and heard there is a RE Team... does anyone know if you have to be semi-pro to get on the team, or are there ways the team train you to ride?

any information will be great
normally anyone can pay to go on a "snow queen" ski camp, as it used to be called, & if they pick up that you are any good then you may be asked to attend a ski camp for selection.
There should be a list of sports officers for 1 RSME. Speak to the OIC snowboarding and he/she should be able to point you in the right direction.
Some regiments have teams which participate in the snowboarding camps/competitions in Stubai alongside the RE Alpine Ski Camp. I am not sure if there is a Corps team, if there were it'd most likely be located in Germany at 28, to hazard a guess.
And if it is anything like 35 Regt in the 80's, when selected you'll spend 5 months of the year away, and your job will be covered by some other poor sod - on arrival back, tanned up and totally shag happy, you can ask for (and get) all the courses and cadres you missed - and the same poor sod will cover for you again and so on and so on.
It's a wonderful life if you can get it! Yes - you Snow Queens know who you are....!
<Staaken now climbs off the Slightly Bitter and Twisted Bus.....>
you forgot about the cross country skiing...THEIR training..OUR PAIN!
ok guys, thanks for the replies, ill ask around 1RSME and see if there is anyone who can assist me. if anyone else has any info, please post it here.


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