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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SwansonBoy91, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. I have been diagnosed with eczema roughly 1 year ago, it's not too serious, but i was wondering how it may affect me getting into the army, i have already applied and I am due an interview soon.
  2. Not too sure on this but I've heard of entries being barred or deferred because of eczema in the past.

    P.S i suggest searching? You'll be able to find about a thousand different posts referring to your question.
  3. If your using medication to control it, including cream then... Then yes, it will affect your application. You could also be deferred until your a certain amount of years clear of it (usually 2-4 depending on the severity).

  4. Hi,
    I'm an herbalist and the best cure for eczema is porridge oats!
    Yes it does seem bizzar.
    What to do:
    Buy organic porridge oats, put a small cup full in a sock, run a bath and drop the sock into the bath water, soak for 15 min, you could also use the sock like a sponge and dab affected areas that the bath water cannot reach. Do this a couple times a week, others have told me that it works wonders and some have reported that its gone all together.
    If you drink milk you may want to try drinking Cravendale milk, this is filtered more than other milk.
    Eczema is also triggered by stress, so you may need to look at stresses within your life and try and change them. Basic training is stressfull, and if going to war this could trigger it off and the army are aware of this!

    Good luck
  5. I suffer from severe skin allergies try a diet cutting out the cows produce (red meat,milk,yogurt,cheese,) as i find this causes a lot of skin allergies and eczema
  6. What!! Don't tell me... Eaten whilst standing on one leg (left), holding you right ear, in a field, in the rain on an odd numbered day of a month whilst being sung to by virgins!
  7. Exactly what kind of a diet are you on?

  8. Smother yourself in chip fat and set yourself alight?

    Doesnt do much for the skin but it would stop you spreading the lurgy to the rest of us, you lepers you! :D
  10. Signed Mr Quakers
  11. I can relate to this as I have eczema, it depends where your affected - I'm fairly lucky as it is only on my hip area no were else, if it is severe then yes they probably won't allow you in the army, I have a strange condition as it seems to get better during summer and come back in winter.

    Go to your doctors asap if you haven't, as I have been given a cream to help it which is 'Betnovate' cream, has really helped it alot and it's almost cleared it up.

    I am in the process of applying for the army and they require a little more information from my doctor - not sure if he can give them anymore info lol, I'm thankful that they haven't discriminated based on the fact that I have mild eczema, they want to know what areas I am affected before making an informed decision, so fingers crossed!