Expect a cabinet re-shuffle this week or next.

My sources tell me that Alan Milburn (Health) or Patricia Hewitt (DTI) will be the new Sec of State for Defence.

I believe the latter would be the first woman to hold that post?
Carrying the can......  ;D
Carrying the can......  

....preferably filled with concrete, chained around his ankles, and at the bottom of a deep blue sea.

Given Milburn's track record, the army will be decimated to 1 regiment of just over 5000 men while he tells the world that we are fully recruited and that overstretch is a term used to describe a vigourous warming up session before PT (hospitals and waiting lists..abstract concepts to the Minister of State for Health  :-/ )

Hewitt is equally as bad and mendatious, she just hasn't had the beefit of being caught at it.


I've heard its going to be John Prescott ...

He's handy in a fight, and has considerable experience of running military operations (Fresco).   ::)
Prescott, we may laugh but I wonder....

Now look here Yasser, sort it out, before I sort you out.
Got into a fight with your lot in Haifa back in 19dot. Fookin Ayrabs, shirt lifters the lot of em.Ah've sh1t 'em , I was in the merchant navy you know, Port Said? I can tell you some stories, the only WMD's they've got, is that bluidy belly dancer at the Purple Rose , Lovely bit of stoof she was

Yes, Prescott. I think we need a paid up Rajpot at the MOD  :-/
Hoon will disappear.  Hewitt is seen as a safe pair of hands.  She is very cautious but I would wish her on you rather than Milburn.  Could be worse though - Prezza would be unbearable, as would Hain, Clarke or Boateng.
I thought Hoon was one of Tony's best mates, and no matter how bad, he never sacks them. Just look at Gay Mandy (I don't work for the BBC, so I can say what I like about his lifestyle!)
Estelle Morris is due for a return I am told, think of that and tremble.

Could do worse than Blunkett at MOD. Now ACPO and the police federation have brought him to heal.

Alan are a crap SofS Def.....

...just thought I'd get that in, in advance like! ;D

...oh, please don't let the bint get the job...we'll all be knitting jumpers and doing even more refugee-hugging social work across the globe... :mad:
Buff is rumoured to be off to head a new 'Justice Ministry'. This is to be formed to enable Derry Irvine to be sidetracked (or to retire to enjoy his wallpaper and rather generous pension rights).
'Justice Ministry'

All sounds Orwellian... watch out for the thought police won't you  :-/
None of the proposed candidates should be let anywhere near a whelk stall, far less H.M.F. Still, lucky Red Ken's well out of favour, eh!  
OMG - What sort of state will the NHS be in if he goes?  

Well I guess we'll soon find out

Milburns' jacked.

As discussed on Monday I have decided I want to leave the government.

The reshuffle you are making today provides the opportunity to do so.

As I have explained I have found it increasingly difficult to balance having a young family in the North East with the demands of being a cabinet minister.

I know this is something you understand and I am grateful for all the support you have shown me in respect [of] my decision.

It has been an enormous privilege to serve in the government for six years, but I have already missed a good bit of my children growing up and I don't want to miss any more.

It has come down to a choice between my career in politics and my life with my family.

This is now the right time to go. Not just for Ruth and the children, but for me.

Will he be the last?
Re Red Ken:

He has proven to be a surprisingly good friend of the Met Police Service and insisited on both expansion and the boys and girls getting the right training and kit.

Maybe , just maybe ......... :-/

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