Discussion in 'Sappers' started by A_Knocker_Till_The_End, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. well that time in an engineers career is fast approaching for myself.

    i was wondering what courses if any that you fine upstanding gentlemen of the corps have found of any use.

    obviously i have all my electrical qualifications (and then some extra ones), hold all my driving licences less PCV (coach) but i am working on that as we speak, have health & safety qualifications also (nebosh, etc).

    edging toward doing a plastering course at the minute, just to aid in the refurb of any future house projects etc.

    any constructive ideas accepted.

    any sh1te ideas will also be accepted, what goes around comes around, eh :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    cheers chaps.

  2. Cow

    Cow LE

    Your up early! If you can finish off jobs (decorating/plastering) it saves people getting in another tradesman and gets you extra beer tokens. Are there any specific H+S quals you need for working on Building Sites?

    E.ON are looking for Project Engineers, sort of thing your after?
  3. aright bud , you might want to do a hazerdous area course. either compex or epit, these will help you if you want to go into industrial sparkying, oil and gas ,chemical works etc.

    the plastering course is a good step mate , i fekin wish i could finish as it would save me waitin for other trades to do their thing
  4. already done the "compex" course down at southend but not the other one.

    will have a look for it on the intergeek.

  5. Get some plant quals , only light stuff dumper roller fork lift etc , always a fall back and not bad pay on most sites , but from my experience on building sites most sparks earn about £150 a day on the books more on cis.... good luck mate ..its shite in civvy strasse .
  6. got my forks licence also.

    the money is there to be earned but it is hard graft on the sites, that is where i was before i joined up.

  7. any sites that are worth posting your CV on, for future reference would also help.
  8. would you work offshore mate
  9. had an enquiry/offer from AMEC when i was on my "compex" course.

    seems they are screaming for sparkies offshore at the minute, so yeah i could not see why not.

    2 weeks on 2 weeks off at the minute i believe but i am not sure of what the wages are at present.

    you working offshore then ????
  10. aye , amec are about to change to 2 on 2 off 2on 4 off in sept. they have a shortfall of 84 personel throughout the northern and central fields to be able to start that rotation pattern, ( according to the press and journal) dont know how many sparkies they require ,
  11. P & J eh, aberdeen area then ???? (i left inverurie in 1986)

    started off there at james scott & son in chapel street.
  12. mate if you join amec you will be accepted with open arms scotts was taken over by amec and a lot of ex scotts boys are still there , check pm's
  13. There is , but if you are after the high money contracts, try looking for an agency near where you are going to settle. One job always leads to another in contract work. No stability, but good money, especialy with the Olympics coming up! Thought about that myself for the IT side of life. Get to some of these job fairs that are on offer, as there are always Civvy companies looking to get ex-servicemen in. I have had a job offer just off the back of giving a bloke my CV in passing.
    I am done this year, and have used the ressetlement to my advantage, pop up to IS and have a chat if you want.
    What date have you got?
  14. belly dancing in morroco's could be a winner!!!!!! cos you def got the belly 4it m8<<<<<<<just need the rythm.....hehehe
  15. cheers for that, pm returned.

    wondered how long it would take before you put your two-penith in :D :wink: :D :wink: