"Re-settlement Grants for Politicians"

Targets to your front.

BBC News - Payout of £845,179 for 22 ex-AMs who quit or lost seats

In your own time, go on.

Apparently, "Former Lib Dem AM Mr Bates received £43,813 when he stood down. In December 2010 he was fined after being convicted of attacking paramedics who came to his aid when he drunkenly fell down stairs at a Cardiff restaurant".

One ex-Welsh Assembly member is quoted as saying "I think it's getting very much more difficult to attract the right calibre of people into politics because, obviously quite rightly, everything is known about an assembly member, including the colour of their underwear, and you have to be a certain type of person to be able to put up with all of this. "Everybody needs to know taxpayers money is being well spent".

Is this some Friday 13th wah?
The bus is out on a detail, can you wait until tomorrow before you go off on one?


Still a lot more than the Govt minimum when they shut your firm down!
The bus is out on a detail, can you wait until tomorrow before you go off on one?
Dim Prob mate. As long as it stops ouside the Senedd, they can jump on the bus to go home. At least it'll bump up the numbers on my bus!
This was why a lot of politicians didn't resign over the expenses scandals. If they stood down at the next election they were still entitled to their 'resettlement' grant. Bunch of thieving arseholes. What resettlement do they need, they are already bloody civvies.


The problem is that they vote for their own TACOS which means its a self perpetuating beast of a gravy train, you wonder why Brussels is bothered with unless of course Westminster is a tough cookie and Brussels is the easy one. Once they start their slimy political career feeding at the taxpayers teat at local council its a greasy pole to climb!
It's a drop in the ocean compared to the cost of the whole political apparatchik; regional, national and european.
Makes you think though doesn't it, "Deadbeat,ceiling reached, terribly nice but dim no mark' keeps getting re - elected to parliment.

The whole apparatus sponging off a MP is happy and all guns firing to get re-elected but what good does that do for joe punter?

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