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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Speedy, Jul 15, 2005.

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  1. When I started my re-settlent at the end of '99 it was people trying to do their MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or Must Consult Someone Experienced as it has become known) course. 10 years before I remember everyone doing their HGV 1 as it was almost impossible to get it via the army back then! What are todays faddish courses which the resettlement officers are steering everyone off to do? (as if they knew about civvy jobs anyway!). I'm just curious as my particular job sector (systems admin) is now overflowing with newly qualified yet inexperienced people trying desperately to get jobs whilst swimming in a sea of older and more employable bods and I'm just wondering wether peole look at the area they wish to work in as a civvy to check on job availablity when they are to enter the jobs market.
  2. Gas Fitter and Plumber.
    Surely there cant be that many gaps, every punter i hear who is resettling is doing this at the mo!
    I remember some guy telling everyone he was the Millenium Bug superman waiting to rid the world of this terrible ailment. Sure enough he is teaching Basic Engines now at Bordon the Reme school he left only a few years before his calling! Bill Gates to Geeky Instructor ha ha
    Oh how the mighty fall.
  3. PRINCE 1 & 2. Everyone wants to be a project manager, however nobody knows quite what one does..........
  4. PRINCE is definitely on the list. I know 4 people who have done it in the last 3 months!
  5. Oh dear! I wonder what they are going to bluff on their CV's to get their first jobs!
  6. IT types should be aware that DII are looking for loads of regional managers at the mo.

    One of my lance jacks recently left and walked straight into one of those jobs. His experience consisted of pretty much only JOCS system admin. He's a good bloke, but inexperienced. There you go though...lucky bloke. Good luck to him.
  7. Does anyone rate the military one (run at RMCS Shrivenham) in a resettlement context?
  8. LE Commissioning is a great resettlement course by all accounts.
  9. plumbing and any sort of "hands on " trade seem to be the way ahead! since the yts scheme fell apart all those years ago ,no-one wanted £27.50 a week !! thats why so many of us joined up- waiting for the right time to get our corgi licence!!
  10. During the 80's, all the prospective civvies where going outside to be independent financial advisors. This seemed to involve selling financial products to friends/family/household pets, then having to find a proper job when all possible leads are exhausted.
    The boom in cable TV during the mid 90s lead to many matelots leaving the mob for careers in the fibre-optic industry, otherwise known as digging trenches for telewest!
  11. Great! Doing Sqn PT getting beasted by some power-crazed local lance-jack when you're 40-odd years old. Deep joy.
  12. I recall one Spec Op who'd been doing 'interesting' work in the province. He left to do the fibre-optic course and got his first job installing cable on the Falls Road. 1 x twitching arse coming up!
  13. As long as you go for a job advertised as "Wanted - old bloke who struggles to adapt to a new environment."

    Sorry - a sweeping generalisation and uncalled for I know!
  14. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    Half the guys I know seem to have done something active, one got 6 weeks in Thailand learning to dive and completeing most of his Dive Instructor courses (PADI)...he's now bumbing round South Africe occassionally teaching diving.

  15. Just done my CTW and two offrs wanted to do PRINCE2. I have done the PRINC2 at Shrivenham and it is done by a civvi company any you sit the exam at the end HOWEVER, apparantly they will not load you if you are clearly on your way into civ st so be creative on your application.

    The main areas on my CTW was project management, IT-Comms (it was near Elmpt) security and H&S.

    Who remembers when it was all a simple HGV and Forklft licence with AMRAF!!!!