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Re: Scots/English Dictionary

'Coup' - dump

'Bovril' - akin to bas'tard (Only ever heard that one in Govan though)

'Govan toothpick' - machete(!)

'Bam' - see 'Bovril'

'Awa' an' tak' yer face fir a sh!te' - Go away

'Shut that bit'ch up afor' ah fu'ck stairt 'er heid' - Your lady friend talks too much

;D ;D ;D
Hafwit  -   **** ing idiot!!!!

Ya wee torag   -   You little rascal

Auch I the noo   -   How are you (I think)

Joby    -    Sh*te

Ya wee haggis    -   Ya scottish bas tard!!! hehe

Ye ken     -   You know

Shanksies   -  Walk

Chokey   -   Prison

Nae mair   -   No more

Snoters   -   Bogies (up the nose)

Canny think a' any mair!!! Better when i'm havin a swally!!! ;D ;D
Some of these will be quite local, but bear with me.

'Notch' - Excellent

'Hoooorah' - Extremely (eg. She's HOOOORAH fine!)

'Gallas' - See 'Notch'

'Hunners' - A great many

'Yer maw' - Direct translation is 'Your mother', but it's never used in the same context twice. eg. In response to ANY question posed. ie. Q - Whit ar we daein the day?  A - Yer maw! Q - Whit's on the telly? A - Your maw. Q - What time is it? A - Your maw.. The list is endless.

'Ya beast' - 'What a terrible thing you have just done.'
Keech  -  sh*t

Mash  -  English  

Pan Breid  (Pan Bread) - Deid  (Dead)

Corned Beef  -  Deif  (deaf)

Scunnerd  -  fatigued (or confused dependant upon situation)

Gie Chooch!   It's a bit cold outside
This may well be the place for one to find love.  Can you Scot's help? I'm looking for a tall dark and handsome, softly spoken Scottish Chap, preferably from around the Dundee area, I do so love that Dundonian accent and the city itself is just devine.



Scotsman = Minging, inbred, boring, toothless, alcoholic who lives for his next fix of grandma's medication.
Banjo-                           To assault
Chawed                        Sulky
Clype                             To tell stories
Drookit                          Wet through
Greeting/Grat                Crying[weeping]/wept
Melt                               To beat up
Nyaff                              An insignificant person
Pit the hems oan           To render helpless
Stoor                              Dust
Simmet                           Vest/singlet
Tattie-boogle                 Scarecrow
Teuchter                        Highlander
Keelie                             A Glaswegian
Joco                               In a good mood
Git tae fu ya Bassa        Go away please
Perhaps we as fine upstanding English gentlemen should detatch ourselves from our Ginger, Alcoholic third world neighbours.

May I suggest we burn the dictionary and rebuild the wall. ;D
Tia - are you mad - Dundonians are NOT lovely  

I had 30 of the sods to look after - drunken, mumbling, idiotic, scruffy.....I could go on an on,

I wouldn't have swapped them for anything ;D ;D

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