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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by allie5, Jan 11, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know if the RE have a saddle club? I've asked at my unit but got blank looks and scratched heads!! If there is such a thing does anyone have contact details?
  2. Engineers on 'orses, whatever next ??
  3. It was at Chattenden Bks, with phone number in the directory, or give the Provo a call at Brompton a call he'll let you know.
  4. What you mean is "give the provo a call and he'll fall about laughing that a sapper has the temerity to look at a horse without thinking a. can i eat it? b. can i fight it? c. can i f-uck it?"

    He will then call out the guard to beat you senseless upon your arrival, and tell you to stop trying to blag sports afternoons off by treading in sh it. the Corps coming to?
  5. Sorry, should've put a wink at the end of the sentence. :oops:

    It was run by the orifers when I was there. Don't think the lads knew about it. 8O
  6. Can't remember the name of big training area near DEODs, but it was on there at the back of the Guard Room around 2000ish.

    Apparently they used to complain about the garrison shooting club a lot :D
  7. Lodgehill Training Camp... last i heard it had been closed
  8. Many years ago, in the early eighties, I was on my welding course at Brompton and the saddle club was at the back of the barracks. It was open to all ranks, not just the blue bloods, and me and a mucker went along one Wednesday afternoon for an easy sports afternoon.

    Everything fine but they put me on the most frisky stallion that you could imagine; the thing was stomping, snorting and stamping from the moment I got my inexperienced backside in the saddle. When I tried to get it to walk it either ignored me or went backwards. The instructor (a SSgt) gave me a riding crop and told me "just give the bu99er a gentle slap if it won't do what you want it to do". So, following the advice of this great horseman, I flicked the crop rearwards. Fcuk me, I must have caught the beast right on the chods because next thing we're galloping across the field heading for the perimeter fence. The thing pulled up just short ejecting me over it's head and straight into the fence ... ouch!

    I was of course instructed that the best thing to do was get back on and show it who's boss so spent the rest of the afternoon on a bucking wild thing that threw me off at any opportunity.

    Easy sports afternoon ... I spent the next week bruised and battered and barely able to sit on my welding stool ... following week I just went off and did cross country!
  9. big fat l*s used to be a blacksmith at the saddle club as i recall.

    used to be some tasty bits of strumpet there, that is until they spoke of course.
  10. The Royal Regiment is fulll of them :wink:
  11. lodge hill is still there however the saddle club is no more
  12. There was some nice lasses 'friendly ones too' at the saddle club in Brompton while on my CL1 in 91

    Same with the one at Dover in 83
  13. What's Les doing now? Is he still in?
  14. last seen couple of years ago & he was still in then.

    now :?: :?: :?: :?:
  15. In answer to the original question, I have checked the Nov 07 RE List and there is nothing in the Corps Activities section at the back.