Re-role of RLC Regts?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Empire, Dec 18, 2004.

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  1. Who, What, where, when? As usual our illustrious leaders seem to think keeping us in the dark is the way of doing buisness. Answers anyone.
  2. yep they are going to split the RLC into new corps, things like RAOC and RCT etc sounds quite novel an idea to me :lol:
  3. It'll never catch on.
  4. Ehh! That rumours been around for nearly ten years.Wheres Mike?
  5. Do not get me started on how I Looove the RLC - PLEASE

    Options For Change was meant to be the re-org to end all Re-Org's
  6. The current GS and CS Regts are to be re-organised into 5 identical Logistic Support Regiments (LSRs). Each new regiment will affiliate to a heavy or mech Bde (1, 4, 7, 12, 20). 19 Mech is re-roling as a Lt Bde and will be supported by a CSS Bn with an RLC composite Sqn.
  7. just heard that the wheel is being reinvented again with 3rd line re-roling?
  8. Really? Any more info than that or just a bit of idle gossip?
  9. mostly idle gossip as i was at the directorate for a meeting t'other day....3rd line regts to become in progress, watch and shoot..
  10. The creation of the RLC started as idle gossip - we were told not to worry about it at the time!
  11. The idea of the RLC goes back as far as 1977 when the Logistic Executive (Army) HQ DOS collocated with Logistic Executive (Army) when RCT Regiments & RAOC Battalions started to be re-rolled. The Logistic Support Review (LSR) started in 1988 ending up as 'Options for Change' in 1990. So NOTHING would surprise me in what HQ DRLC thinks or does.

    What does surprise me however is how the REME managed to stay independent thou all this? Since the Parachute and AMF(L) Logistics Battalions (Combined RCT/RAOC/REME units) were held as future models!
  12. Oh good. That means we can get rid of Transport Regiments and Supply Regiments and waste a shed load of cash changing names but not functions.

    Synicism aside, what's changed in the battlespace that requires yet another resructuring of the way we do business.

    By the way I thought 3rd 2nd line etc was dropped doctrinally?
  13. They have Qman.....Force and Formation is the new black!
  14. Qman,

    the change in the battlespace is the reality of prosecuting two medium scale enduring operations. 27 Regt on Op HERRICK is effectively working as an LSR, however this is not a permanent re-rolling/restructuring.

    CH1520 is right about the new doctrine change which is now in the new JDP4. The new nomenclature is Unit, Formation and Force, although I think it will be years before 1st,2nd and 3rd line drop out of circulation. As Liddel-Hart said ‘The only thing harder than getting a new idea into the military mind is to get an old one out.’

    DRLC have been tasked to conducting a Force Level Logistic review which is looking at Log Bde units. This might result in some restructuring.
  15. Any chance of re-roling Pet Ops out of Fuel Sqn's back to Pet Sqns then?