Re-role from Armoured to Infantry?

This is just a question regarding the Kings Royal Hussars in Afghan at the moment. Obviously the Troop Commanders did their PCD in Bovington, but to lead their troop in the dismounted role they are working at out on Op Herrick, did the officers have to go to Brecon? I'm generally just interested more than looking for specifics!
PCD (I believe actually PCBC) is the Infantry Platoon Commanders' course and is undertaken by new Infantry officers and a few officers from other arms, including a few from the Royal Armoured Corps. Officers from arms other than the Infantry who attend PCD will do so by exception and are still required to do one of the two RAC Troop Leaders' Courses which are conducted in various phases held at Bovington, Lulworth and Warminster.

There is a world of difference between a non-infantry unit operating in the dismounted role and what the infantry do as their core business (i.e. deliberate dismounted close combat). Therefore, in most cases, there is not a requirement for officers commanding soldiers in a dismounted role to be PCD qualified. With the exception of the RAC BRFs, RAC Sqns are not expected to conduct deliberate dismounted offensive operations (dismounted company attacks, etc.) as this is the role of the infantry, in the same way that offensive mounted manoeuvre is the RAC's specialist area and while the Infantry have tracked vehicles these are a means of delivering and supporting the dismount only (albeit a very capable one with the planned upgrades).

While there will be some overlaps in the tasks that infantry companies and dismounted non-infantry sub-units are given, there remain some dismounted tasks (mainly the most kinetic) that remain outside the capability of all but the infantry. Thus while a non-infantry soldier might legitimately claim that his sub-unit was employed in a dismounted capacity in Afghanistan or elsewhere, if he claims it "re-roled to infantry" or something similar, he is talking bollocks. The only grey area are the BRFs, which are RAC sub-units (although often with some infantrymen within them) and which are (or were anyway) trained up partially along the lines of a light role infantry company and which are able to conduct offensive deliberate dismounted operations (at least up to company level).

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