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Re: RMP Promotions Board



even here you have one more star than me :(  it isnt weather its not our own officers on the board, sandhurst things all throw the chicken bones the same way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
True, true, Ma Sonic.

Do I detect a hint of sour grapes, by the way, fellas?

Didn't make it into the top 10% of your unit this year?  Nevermind, there's always the next decade.

You asked for someone to tell you why they deserved it, two tones.  My answer to that would be that someone had to meet the standard, and it obviously wasn't going to be you now, was it?

Keep plugging away lads.  Buck your ideas up, give it a few years and when you eventually pass your Investigations course, you might even start getting yourselves confidentials which may, in time, get you noticed.
Twotones last:  Course you did (not with your punctuation) mate.  And of course you do (I'm sure all the DPMs speak very highly of you)

Ma_Sonic: Why is someone with such distaste for the RMP at all interested in this post?
Well, the thread entitled 'We hate RMP' just led me onto this one.  And besides that, I'm still looking for these 'high standards' you and your cronies brag so much about.

Unfortunately, I haven't found them yet.  
Yawn.  Why not just refer me to any one of your previous, similar posts instead of continually repeating yourself?

Care to disclose what Regt/Corps you grace your presence with, so we can compare 'standards'? Might broaden our horizons.
Well TT I think the promotion in the RMP is outrageous to start off with as you get a snot nosed 17 year old fresh out of training with a warrant card, a stripe and an attitude thinking s/he is god, I know that your promotion slows down after reaching full screw, but by then most people have grown up, and lost the attitude and developed into actual human being's.

I think they should either put an age restriction on the minimum age you can be to join the RMP, so that poeple have a bit of life experience, or make it so that you can only transfer to the RMP after "X" amount of years in another trade.

But there is always exceptions to the rules and I have met some of them  so I am not tarring you all with the same brush so keep smiling.    :D
Some twaatt is trying to justify why some useless cnut with a red cap is getting a stripe some of us have to earn with NCO cadres?

Now I know the army is going downhill.

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