Re: Residual Service Promotion Bar

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by error_unknown, Mar 9, 2003.

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  1. Afraid so.  If you are pre selected for promotion in your residual period of service, i.e. your last 24 months, you'll only get it if there is no one else to promote, or if you have additional skills beyond a 'younger' SSgt, with more time left.   It's crap, no one told you that when you joined up as it never happened then.  It's crept in over the past few years as part of the retention scheme, to stop the younger element leaving, by offering up the potential for them of early promotion.  It'll all fall apart when there aren't enough WO2 slots left for the younger element and it'll have went full circle by then.
    You can still pick up in your last year of service, but the same rules apply.  

    Truth of the matter is though, you could have had an 'O' grade ACR, but they're not that bothered about you as you're going nowhere as long as that pension is hanging over you.

    Sit back and take it easy for the next two years.  
  2. If you haven't been promoted to WO by the 19yr point mate, you're dead wood.  So stop whining, it's your own fault.  And stop the 'my mate'stuff, it's you who didn't get it, you waster.
  3. I know how you feel i've had the same happen to me. Looks like it's the same throughout the Army, so much for a 22 year career.
  4. Try using your 'Lodge influence'. ;)