RE Regs or resevre as an already qualified engineer

24 years old and worked as a maintenence engineer since leaving school. I went to join RE at 16 but bottled it at the last min and took an apprenticeship. Basically im jumping from job to job and its not doing it for me and juat cant see myself doin what im doing for the rest of my life

Just weighing up the options of either jacking in work and taking a 10k a year pay cut to go regs

or just join as a reserve and have the best of both worlds.

My dad was in the RE a very long time ago and says i should go officer regs route but im not sure its something id fancy.
Consider 170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group RE. Join direct as a Reserve, Officer or OR, or go Regular and get there eventually.
Consider reserves and see if the army suits you and you suit the army. I did and preferred reserves and built a civi career but I can only speak for me.
I just dont want it to be something i dont do and wish i did. Way i see it is if i join regular and dont like it. i stick my 4 years, come out and slot back into same job im doing now + a few courses, some good mates and having done something ive wanted to do for as long as i can remember. How easy is it to go from reserves to regs if i decide i want to?

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