re-registering bfg cars in the uk

hi troops, wonder if any of the esteemed members of arrse could be of assistance?

a friend of mine came back from dingland a while ago, sent his bfg plate and documentation back to bfg to get his car reregistered in uk.

anyway, kind of got put on a back burner whilst going on a holiday to dustier climes curtosy of hm govt travel.

back in uk now and is trying to sort his admin out and has not recieved any info from bfg ref car.

does anyone have any contact details or could pass on any details that i could pass on to him.

he has spoke to the dvla and they said to speak to bfg. he had one telephone no for bfg and they said that this car was not registered with them. :x

cheers in advance
He should have applied for the BFG414 in advance, IIRC that's the form he needs as authority to re-register in the UK. His Unit BFG office in Deutschland ahould have been able to advise him on this; I'm not sure if they'll issue them retrospectively. If he hasn't got a 414 then DVLA can't/won't do anything for him; he won't get anything back to acknowledge receipt of his plates/tax disc/BFG57 from them, I certainly never did.......
I had to get the form mentioned above then take the car to local DVLA office. But this wasa few years ago before some of the rules changed and it was a real pain in the ARRSE then.
You definitely need a BFG 414, but you should also have the BFG Fuel Card, which also doubles as the registration card. Without them you will have a hard time registering it back in blighty !!

If you get your 'mates' chassis number and speak to the BFG Office they should be able to find your 'mates' details !!

Or just stick polish plates on it and don't bother your arrse !! 8O

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